Sunday, 26 April 2009

Immigration and Disease

‘London suffering from shocking rise in rare 'Victorian' diseases.’

This was the headline in the Evening Standard on April 15th 2009. A stark reminder of how immigration is dragging us back to third world status.

In the past decade, while a third of Londoners moved out into rural locations, 1.8 million immigrants have poured into our capital. Politicians and the pc brigade tell us immigration is good for us, but looking at the statistics shows a different picture. Apart from the increase in crime, disease is a very big threat.

Rare infectious diseases that had been stamped out for decades have reappeared with a vengeance. The majority of cases occur in major cities, but London, the largest multicultural city in England, is suffering the most.

Tuberculosis, over 8,000 new cases are currently reported each year in the United Kingdom.

Typhoid, associated with poor sanitation and hygiene, has risen steadily since 2004, from 45 to 127 cases per year.

Whooping cough cases quadrupled in the five years to 2007, from 63 to 252.

Scarlet fever cases are up 153 per cent since 2005, with 501 infected in London last year.

Mumps is up from 125 in 2007 to 393 last year.

And of course we have AIDS. Africans in the UK are diagnosed with HIV at a far higher rate than any other ethnic group.

As if that isn’t enough to contend with, along trots swine flu. Pun definitely intended. It hasn’t actually reached the UK as of yet, but it won’t be long before we see the first casualties. It has already killed 81 people in Mexico and more than 1,300 patients are being treated for respiratory infections that showed signs of the new strain. America, New Zealand, Israel, France and Spain are reporting ‘likely’ cases and the UK is on red alert as a worldwide pandemic looms.

While we keep our borders open and allow all and sundry into the UK we will face more and more deadly diseases.

How long will it be before we have reports of Ebola or The Plague on our soil?

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