Sunday, 31 October 2010

Anjem Choudary's reaction to the bomb found at East Midlands airport

Our local airport, East Midlands, was in the spotlight this weekend. A package, which started its journey in Yemen, was addressed to a Jewish organisation in Chicago. It was detected on a cargo plane on Friday and identified as an ink bomb.

The package was described by police as ‘a ‘manipulated’ computer printer cartridge, which was covered in white powder and had wires protruding from it which initially tested negative for traces of explosives. A further search uncovered a second suspicious package containing a ‘cleverly hidden’ device in a printer, which included a mobile phone as one of its components.’

Another package, also en route to a Jewish organisation in Chicago, was detected in Dubai.

Following the release of the story, America’s CNN interviewed hate preacher Anjem Choudary where he admitted he encourages attacks on the United States and UK. After being told he deserved to be locked up and the key thrown away, Choudary cried to his hate-preaching American counterparts that he had been set up.

Check out the video above to see what the scumbag had to say.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Migrants took 9 out of 10 jobs created under Labour

Nearly nine out of ten jobs created under Labour went to foreign-born workers, astonishing figures revealed last night.

Official statistics showed the vast majority of the rise in the employment total under the last Government was accounted for by workers born abroad.

Total numbers of those in work went up by two million during 13 years of Labour. But of those jobs, 1.8 million individuals were classed as ‘non-UK born’.

Just a quarter of a million declared themselves to be born in the UK.

The figures, from the Office for National Statistics’ Labour Force Survey, are an indictment of the last Government’s failure to control the influx of migrants, train British workers and tackle welfare dependency.

Just as startlingly, the figures also revealed that the proportion of the foreign-born workforce nearly doubled under Labour – from 7 per cent to 13 per cent.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of the Migrationwatch think-tank, said: ‘This is stunning evidence of the need to cut back on the immigration of foreign workers.

‘As long as foreign skills can be obtained “off the shelf”, employers will have no incentive to train British workers.’

The figures were released in a written parliamentary answer to Tory MP James Clappison.

He said: ‘This is a reflection of the huge increase that took place under the previous Government. It does nothing to lessen the case for a cap on migrant numbers.’

The data showed there were just over 26million people aged 16-64 in employment between April and June 1997. Of those 1,946,000 were foreign born, leaving 24,058,000 born in the UK. By the same period this year, the total in jobs was up more than two million, to 28,107,000. Of those, 3,787,000 were born abroad, and 24,314,000 born in the UK.

It means 88 per cent of the rise in employment was accounted for by workers born abroad, and just 12 per cent by those born in the UK.

As Prime Minister, Gordon Brown said economic migration would fall by up to 12 per cent. But his points-based system for overseas workers actually led to totals of foreign workers going up 20 per cent and foreign students by more than 30 per cent.

This week another hole in the points system was revealed as Home Office figures showed just one in four of the 18,780 ‘highly skilled’ migrants allowed in last year managed to find a highly skilled job.

There were also fears a new EU deal with India will lead to ‘British jobs for Indian workers’, by allowing Indian firms to transfer unlimited numbers of staff to the UK without first offering the posts to Britons.

Taken from DM

Friday, 29 October 2010

Muslim hatemonger released from prison to carry on preaching his filth

Yesterday, Abu Izzadeen walked out of Pentonville Prison in London and leapt on a wall to address a crowd of supporters.

He urged a boycott of the Poppy Appeal, claiming anyone wearing one to mark Remembrance Day ‘supported the murder of Muslims’.

He said: ‘If you look at how the poppy campaign has gone this year it was talking a lot about the people who have fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. ‘The troops are occupying foreign lands.

'That’s what a soldier’s job is – it’s to bomb houses, and to kick doors in. It’s to rape them, it’s to handcuff them, it’s to rob them.’

Izzadeen, 35, who was born to a respectable Jamaican family, shed his Christian identity on the eve of his 18th birthday to become a Muslim firebrand who believes Britain should become an Islamic state.

He spent more than a decade preaching before he was finally jailed in April 2008 for four and half years, reduced by a year on appeal.

Izzadeen has long been influential in Islamist groups and movements that straddle the boundaries of legality.

He was at one time a leading member of an organisation known as The Saviour Sect, which was formed in 2005 but banned a year later by the British Government.

He gained most notoriety after he disrupted a meeting between the then Home Secretary John Reid and moderate Muslims in September 2006.

The father of three has not worked for years and has lived off the state that he has plotted to overthrow, receiving £102-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance and almost £47 a week in child benefit, as well as housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Last night there was a growing wave of revulsion and anger from all sides over Izzadeen’s attack.

Defence Secretary Liam Fox said: ‘The British public should dismiss these offensive comments and do their bit to remember our brave troops who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.’ DM

How can we ignore them, Mr Fox? Isn’t it this type of thing that landed him a prison sentence in the first place? Take away his benefits and DEPORT HIM!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Liberals out to squash the Tea Party

I see the liberals are at it again, over in America this time. The following is taken from the King Street (Tea Party) Patriots.

Voter fraud reports are surfacing all over the country. The foundation of our political system, and our very rights as citizens are at stake.

In Texas, Catherine and hundreds of citizen volunteers are working to ensure the elections are free and fair. What they have found is shocking!

Since beginning their work in 2008, these citizens have discovered a variety of violations of federal law within Harris County, causing the Harris Country Tax Assessor Collector to investigate. Violations like:

1. Persons claiming to be noncitizens have been registered to vote
2. Names of votes and signatures do not match
3. Potential forgeries in voter registration applications
4. Voters registered multiple times

The Texas Democratic Party and two groups funded by the extreme liberal financier George "the Man Who Broke the Bank of England" Soros have attacked Catherine and King Street in two lawsuits and one ethics complaint, in an effort to SILENCE her and STOP her good work!

Citizens being attacked, just for trying to keep the vote honest!

Since early voting began, there have been hundreds of reports filed by poll workers of inappropriate activity:

1. Election officials telling voters who to vote for (click here for example)
2. Election officials coaching voters to vote straight ticket
3. Intimidation of poll watchers by people not there to vote, but there to intimidate. People like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee! (click here for example)

These malicious attacks against private citizens are an attack on all of us and the freedoms we hold dear.

You can view the full report HERE

Doesn’t this story sound familiar? Opposition taking you to court in an attempt to ruin the party in an effort to silence it?

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Is islam a religion of peace? - How to debate and frustrate infidels

I watched a debate on Intellingence Squared on American TV the other day, the title of which was ‘Is islam a religion of peace?’ At the beginning and end of the debate the audience were invited to vote on the motion for or against islam being a religion of peace.

Although the debate was nearly two hours in length it was well worth watching. There were two people giving ‘evidence’ for islam Zeba Khan & Maajid Nawaz) and two against (Ayaan Hirsi & Douglas Murray).

The results of the debate speak for themselves...

Pre debate: 41% for 25% against 34% not sure

Post debate: 36% for 55% against 9% not sure

Watching it reminded me of a video I saw a few years back called How to debate and frustrate infidels by Ayesha Ahmed (Ayesha Ahmed University Pakistan) and you could be forgiven for thinking the two people debating for the motion came straight from the schooling of Ayesha Ahmed.

Here is the transcript of the video...

Dear brothers and sisters in islam: we live in kuffar country and daily we have to face the infidels who criticise islam and our prophet, and who want to debate us.

In as Islamic country if someone did that all we have to do is announce loudly what he said and the rest is taken care of by an angry mob. The critic is lynched in no time. End of story.

However here we don’t have that luxury as yet. Inshallah in foreseeable future after we grow by conversions of morons and criminals in prisons, legal and illegal immigration and procreation we will, inshallah, become a majority and will not have to face this problem on daily basis.

However, for the time being following is an approach all muslim brothers and sisters can use when faced with such a pest. Jazakallah Khair inshallah the vermin will steer clear of you in future.

1. A popular question is “why islam calls for death of Islamic critics and apostates”. Insist that their info is false. Quote aya “to you your religion and to me my religion”.

2. To answer “islam spread with sword”, say that it is a big lie spread by the Jews and Hindus and that quran clearly says “there is no compulsion in religion”.

3. If someone quotes violent ayas from quran, accuse him of quoting ayas in bits and pieces and cherry picking.

4. If he then quotes full ayas and ayas before and after, then insist that the translation is wrong.

5. If he then brings ten different translations then say correct meanings can be understood only by reading quran in Arabic.

6. If he happens to be well versed in Arabic language then insist that those ayas don’t mean what they appear to mean as they have allegorical meanings.

7. If he is adamant, then say you cannot understand those ayas and it’s context without reading hadith and sira.

8. If he shows up with hadiths and siras in hand and quotes the context of the violent ayas by referring to hadiths of prophet’s rapes, robberies, assassinations and genocides then insist that “all hadiths and siras are heresay and are false, and only truth is in quran.

9. If he says quran is a man-made document and wants proof of it’s divinity then refer to the sciences in the quran and the book written by Dr. Bucaile confirming the sciences in our holy book. You can also quote that Mahatma Ghandi read quran daily and also spoke highly of it.

10. If he syas that Bucaile was on Saudi payroll and that nor he nor Gandhi ever changed their religions and that Bucaile was challenged and proven wtong by many experts then challenge him to ask his experts to debate islamists like losr Zakir Naik.

11. If the pest still hangs around then change the topic and find faults in other religions and their books.

12. If he continues on then use personal attacks and insult him by calling him a Jewish a-hole, a Chinese pig or Hindu dog.

13. If that does not frustrate him then ask him how much he is being paid by Jews to throw dirt on al islam.

14. If he still does not stop then run for his mother and sister and use very filthy language.

15. If he is very stubborn and wants to continue then curse him like “burn in hell, you will repent on last day, Allah will get you in your grave” etc.

16. When all else fails threaten him with bodily harm and end the debate by drum beating and announcing that you won’t debate hands down because quran is the word of allah.

17. If possible announce about this debate in an islamist website and that you won it handily. Such announcements do wonders for the imam of muslim website readers and for dawah operations in prisons to convince low IQ prisoners of the truth of al islam.

You can read Ayesha Ahmed’s ‘testimonial’ HERE where she discusses ways to forward the muslim brotherhood through the bedroom, beheading, rape, and poisoning.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Labour, Unions and the Spending Review

When I talk to people on subjects such as how the government is force-medicating us with poisonous fluoride in our drinking water, the implications of the bird flu jab or the treasonous actions of those in our government, it’s amazing at the various responses that greet you. Some say to me, “Don’t believe everything you read or see on the internet”. These people are so blinded by what the government tell them it is quite scary. I say to them that film footage and reports, facts and figures, CANNOT LIE. The internet is a wonderful tool. By using it you will come across information that you wouldn’t normally have access to.

I have a couple of questions for the sheeple. Do they believe everything they are told by their friends and acquaintances? How about people they chat to online but have never met? The answer to that is no, yet they are prepared to put their trust into, and vote for, someone they have never met (and in most cases have absolutely no knowledge of) based on how the media portrays them and how their families voted over the years.

This is particularly true of Labour supporters in my area. If you ask any Labour supporter why they choose to vote Labour I could guarantee that 90% plus will tell you it is because their father and grandfather voted that way. Try debating with them and you get nowhere. They throw the same one-liners over and over again. For instance, I was watching a debate the other week which included the TV and radio presenter, Terry Christian. As soon as Margaret Thatcher’s name was mentioned he shouted out “milk snatcher”. It was obvious he was a Labour supporter; in true Labour fashion his face contorted and he shouted over and above his opponents. During the debate it was his opinion or no opinion; I lost all respect for him after that. Not because of the way he votes, because of his typical bully-boy-Labour tactics.

Here’s another typical example of Labour voter’s mentality. I used to be a Conservative voter. In fact I voted for Margaret Thatcher, one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has seen. When my grandfather found out he threw me out of his bungalow. He didn’t speak to me for quite a while and the subject was never brought up again. Why did he vote Labour? Because he was a once a miner, as was his father, who also voted Labour.

Although these days I am a nationalist I have to say that Maggie did great things, apart from taking us on the road to a United States of Europe. Because of Margaret Thatcher I had more money in my pocket and because of Margaret Thatcher I was able to buy my council home, something unheard of under a Labour government. Thatcher believed if you worked hard you should be able to reap the benefits. And we did. In the Thatcher era you could walk out of one job and straight into another. Not now, all our jobs are being given to foreigners who are prepared to work longer hours for a cheaper wage. You can’t blame them for coming here for a better life, it’s our governments fault, but much of their money is sent back home so doesn’t go back into our economy. Many homes house half a dozen foreigners making it cheap for them to live here and this is how they can afford to send the money home.

The Labour Party who allowed, indeed encouraged, this to happen now have a new leader, Ed Milliband. Is it a coincidence he was voted in on the strength of the union vote? Of course not. The Labour Party backs the unions and the unions back the Labour party. They are one and the same. The unions are run by the ignorant (workers) while those in government are considered learned (university educated).

The government wants to line their pockets with British workers hard earned money as do the union leaders. While union leaders tell workers to strike in an attempt to bring the country to a standstill, they still receive their wages. And good wages they are too.

Let us take a look at militant union boss Bob Crowe, general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union. While Crowe attacks fat cat salaries, he recently received a 12% increase taking his wage from £122.167 to over £133,000 a year. By the time he had claimed expenses his total income was £145,548. That’s right folks, £2,799 pounds PER WEEK.

We all want a fair deal and there is a place for mitigation, but bringing airports, railways and the like to a standstill is not the answer. Is he so dense as to not realise that other countries airlines could take the place of British airlines? Or is it part of the bigger Labour Party agenda? Our airlines could, and are, folding, leaving foreign airlines to take their place. Time and time again we hear of our airlines and holiday companies going under leaving normal working class people once again out of pocket.

Then we have the Labour Party. They have ruined this country, bled her dry. Not only are the coffers bare, their actions over the past 13 years have virtually rid Britain of her manufacturing industry. In its place are arty-farty projects. Our children no longer learn British history, are made to feel ashamed of their culture and many cannot add two numbers together let alone know how algebra works. While I agree art and culture brings in revenue from outsiders it is not capable of keeping this country afloat.

Once again the voting public has put the Conservative Party in control. Only just, though. The farcical run-up to the general election was meant to convince people the Liberal Democrats were a force to be reckoned with, when all along it was a con of the highest order. Thankfully Labour were kept out, the thought of another term with those traitors in office is vomit inducing at the least, only to be replaced by a Con/Lib coalition that really are no different, apart from Labour actually admitting they are communists.

This brings me to the spending reform. I watched the whole thing live on TV the other day and found it highly amusing. The Labourites were their usual deafening, boo-hooing selves and for once I didn’t see the orange one (the UAF’s very own Peter Haine) grinning, grimacing and gurning at the front bench.

The alliance is enforcing strict cutbacks to help get Britain out of the red hole of debt that Labour got us into. I actually agreed with the majority of the reform and will be interested to see how it pans out. What I did disagree with is the alliances commitment to foreign aid. While we struggle to get by our government is increasing our foreign aid budget by 37%. That means the original budget of £6.3billion increases to £9.4billion, some of which will go to India, the fourth largest economy in the world. Where is the sense in that? Wouldn’t that money be better off spent here where we have growing poverty and let other countries look after themselves?

When the people have had enough of the Conservative Party, and it won’t take long, the people of Britain will once again vote Labour. Labourites are already stirring up the masses, screaming at the top of their voices about how bad done to the working class people are, when it is they who have done the damage.

Don’t you think it is about time people looked towards a nationalist party? Don’t you think they ought to at least give them a chance? I think maybe, just maybe, over the next few years the voting public will finally have had enough of the so-called ‘normal’ parties and look elsewhere. After all, only 100 years ago Labour was treated in the same way as the British National Party is being treated today.

People like me, who research the truth and see the true injustices brought upon the people of our nation, live in hope.

All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the DERBY PATRIOT and should not be taken to represent any political party.