Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UAF humiliated in Brighton

Talk about laughing your socks off, I was taking my daily trawl across the internet universe when I came upon some wonderful pictures of the UAF 'humiliating' the English National Alliance in Brighton, NOT!.

Here's a taster...

"This UAF mug, decked out in hoodie and scarf across his face, obviously left the student digs this morning with the express intention of attacking people and having a day of mayhem and getting away with it, tried to attack some lads for the crime of wearing “casual” clobber. These lads werent even connected to the ENA demo and didnt like being accosted by scarfed up vermin and dished him up a knuckle sandwich. His day of mayhem ended in the Infirmary, LMFAO"
Now go take a look. You will wet yourself...

Click here --- >“Fascist” ENA “humiliated” in Brighton – My arse

Brighton - Antifascists attack police at English National Alliance march

Injured antifascist

A clash between police and an anti-fascism group protesting against a march by the English Nationalist Alliance left two officers injured and resulted in 14 arrests today.

The Unite Against Fascism group took to the streets of Brighton, East Sussex, to protest against the march held by the far-right ENA, but ended up pelting police with missiles.

A Sussex Police spokesman said that the 250 protesters and marchers were kept apart by police but members of the UAF clashed with police.

A total of 14 arrests were made for public order offences, assault and to prevent a breach of the peace.

Two police officers sustained minor injuries and received medical attention.

One protester also received injuries, for which they received treatment and for which two people have been arrested, the spokesman said.

The spokesman added: 'Using powers authorised by the chief constable, police attempted to ensure that both protests took place in a safe location but close enough to one another to enable them to make their points peacefully.

'Unfortunately a small group from the counter-demonstration resisted this and threw missiles at the police. At no time did either group have the opportunity to physically confront one another, the only disorder being directed towards the police.'

Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett added: 'The right to peaceful protest is an important part of Brighton and Hove life.

Man faces prison on false racism charge

Opposers of groups such as the British National Party and EDL try many ways to discredit their members. Below you will see one of them. The following is a true account of what has happened to someone who was going about his own business when some scumbag letterbox woman decided she was going to lie through said letterbox and get someone in trouble for no reason whatsoever...

I was out shopping with my partner and child when I was accused of calling an Indian woman a nigger she says I shouted down the aisle “you fucking nigger”. Why would I or anyone call an Asian a negro?

There was a witness who daren't help who heard this woman say “there's that BNP 'bitch' she won't be BNP when I've finished with her” (directed at my partner) she went to security and reported this. A couple of days later I was arrested for a race hate crime.

I was interviewed for a few hours and let go without charge, twice. I was sent for a photograph ID parade and she picked me out which was obvious to me as she has targeted me and my family to blacken my partners name to stop her fighting in future elections. I wasn't charged until my partner made a statement saying she's stood as a candidate for the BNP on a number of occasions. This is how this woman knows of us and has targeted us.

The police officer came the next day and told us the CPS has charged me and even admitted there's no evidence whatsoever. It went to magistrate’s court and I had to fight for a fair trial. It was my choice to take it to crown court for a trial.

I have been fighting this for nearly a year now and it has caused me and my family a lot of stress. We have requested the CCTV from the Tesco’s and it is excellent quality. At no time does it show me near the woman I was supposed to have shouted “you fucking nigger” down the aisle at, which was full of shoppers, and she has no witnesses. No evidence nothing, just her lying word against mine and Cheryl’s word.

The barrister I've been using has decided to help someone else the day of court and I was given two total strangers. The barrister is even a judge at that court. He's told me I'm almost guaranteed to be found guilty and should expect to get 18 months to two years in prison.

I have said nothing to this woman never even notice her. How can they charge me, never mind sentence me for these fabricated lies. I have fought against our movement and establishment for the last three years with banners, BNP stalls, arranging events, meetings, fund-raising etc and even organised the most candidates BNP have ever stood in Hartlepool this year. I’ve also exposed labours chairman of the council, Carl Richardson, and the lovely belcher councillors.

These are the instigators behind this set up along with Teeside UAF; funded, supported and members of the above crooks.

If those in charge want to get you they will. They will disregard any evidence just so they can lock you up, purely because you won’t toe their line.

Our day will come...

Sunday, 29 August 2010

EDL Bradford - Resounding victory for British patriots

By all accounts the Bradford protest went well yesterday for the EDL, as over 1,000 EDL members attended while a paltry 300 UAF and muslim youth turned up.

Over on the UAF blogs and websites the UAF couldn't understand why Jews, Asians, blacks and whites stood shoulder to shoulder in their figth against the islamification of Britain, and the UAF were reporting of being attacked by muslims, which I found hilarious. Attacked by the people they think they are 'defending'.

I have news for the UAF, They don't give a s**t about you. You are only being used as a tool and when things get tough THEY ATTACK YOU INFIDELS.

What I also found hilarious was Sky news' report on the protest. The anchor said the EDL were "white, 20-40 years old and all look the same", but as this was being said the camera was showing the asian Rangers (Scottish) fan, Abdul and a coloured man, both EDL members.

We all know the media twists the facts but have you ever wondered why? They are backed by the government just as the UAF is backed by the government. They want you dumbed down to the truth, but the truth is out there. Don't believe everything you read and see in the media. Go to youtube and find the truth there. Truth that has been filmed by ordinary people.

I would like to know why both sets of protesters were so close together. Did the police want them to kick off? I think they did. It's a guaranteed way of getting the EDL shut down, which is what they will try and do eventually.

But people need to open their eyes and see just who is the threat to this country. It certainly isn't the EDL

I thought you may be interested in seeing a statement of the days events from Casuals United blog...

According to anti British keyboard warriors in their Nans back bedroom, writing on Commie sites Bradford was a “massive FAIL” for the EDL. How do they work that out? Over a thousand of our lads and lasses ventured into a city, large parts of which are no go areas for non Muslims, and where the Jihadists call all the shots as the authorities there are terrified of them and meet all their demands for fear of a repeat of the 2001 riots.

Yes numbers were down compared to previous demos and I’ll tell you why. Many people totally expected to be brutally attacked by both police and Muslim youths at this demo, so a lot of our less robust people, and some who dont want to be in that situation in case they are arrested and stitched up by the police did not attend. A lot of our people have good jobs and did not want to risk this by being filmed during scenes of violence (which were expected but largely didnt happen). These people cant be blamed for not attending as it was fully expected to be a scene of mass mobs of Jihadis attacking and the police either standing back and letting in happen as they did in Dudley, or making mass arrests of EDL supporters for no good reason.

In the event this did not happen, but that was what we expected. Full respect goes to those who attended from all over the country and those who flew in from abroad. There were several attacks on our coaches by Muslim youths at service stations and on the motorways but apart from that, their promise to “murder” our people was just so much bullshit.

The threat of rioting is one of their best weapons, they hold governments to ransom with it all over Europe. In the 90s they rioted in Bradford because posters of models wearing bras offended them and they wanted prostitutes off the streets as their skimpy clothes offended them. At the time, all those arrested for throwing petrol bombs etc were released without charges in the interest of “community relations”. No doubt when they rioted in 2001 they expected the same treatment. To their shock and horror a lot of them got banged up, some for 5 years.

This is how they should have been treated the first time, and the 2001 riots would not have happened. Bradford police and the authorities MUST now see, that the threat of them ever rioting en masse again is next to zero, so now they dont have to bend over backwards for them, its as simple as that. They bussed people in from all over the country yesterday but still didnt have the balls to riot, as they feared the consequences. Thats how it should be. We dont want a violent minority holding our country to ransom with threats, and our demo yesterday showed that the threat of rioting from these people has been neutralised. In this respect it was a massive SUCCESS and in no ways a fail.

There will be no “no go areas” in this land our forefathers fought for. If the EDL can protest in Bradford, they can protest anywhere.

The Commies who said shit like “armed with chisels, hammers and bleach the EDL plan to descend on Bradford and cause the mother of all race riots”, I bet you feel stupid today dont you comrades? Their is more trouble and more arrests at a minor league football match, if our people had wanted to riot they would have, but they didnt, and your attempts to wind up the muslim community to riot? Thats where the word FAIL comes into this. On your report card I am going to put “must try harder Timmy”.

Myself and a few others could not attend yesterday due to police harrassment, but to all those lads and lasses who did attend, give yourselves a pat on the back, youre all heros and youve made history and humiliated our enemies. ONE NIL TO THE INFIDELS

Saturday, 28 August 2010


Forget the lying media, video footage doesn't lie. Here are a few titbits I found earlier

"NorthWestUAF EDL outnumbering us in Bradford. It isn't good."

"bellology oh dear jews asians and blacks with edl... wtf lol "

And my favourite...

"NottsUAF‎: #edl #bradford Asians attacking UAF protesters, things are tense"

Report to follow...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

EDL Bradford 28th August 2010

The Edl Bradford demo is on although it looks like it will be a static demo and not a march.

This is the big one...

Monday, 23 August 2010

Racist asian jailed for 18 months

A RACIST thug was jailed yesterday after branding Scots cops "haggis-munching ginger b******s."

Pakistani Mohammed Amir launched the foul tirade - and threatened to blow 20 people up - as he was nicked for battering his girlfriend.

The 29-year-old lout told police officers he'd "gladly" wipe them out with passers-by during the arrest in an Aberdeen city centre street.

Yesterday, the city's sheriff court heard how Amir said: "I'm going to kill 20 of you and blow you to bits. F*** you, you haggis-munching ginger b******s. I'm going to bomb you white f*****s."

Remorseless Amir - who made rude gestures as he was led away to start an 18-month jail term - was convicted of a string of crimes.

He admitted punching Cindy Gordon in the street in February and racially abusing cops.

The yob pleaded guilty to threatening to stab a cabbie who had tried to stop him attacking Ms Gordon again just a month later. He also admitted theft and breaking bail conditions. Amir was described as having problems with heroin use and anger-management.

Last night Labour justice spokesman Richard Baker MSP said the public would be "relieved" the brute was behind bars.

He said: "This man deserved a custodial sentence and it's important that all racist offences are treated in that way by the courts."

A Scottish Government spokesman added: "There is no place for racism in Scotland. It is unacceptable and will not be tolerated."

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