Sunday, 31 January 2010

Police Probe Pendle UAF

Richard MacSween

This is the face of the fascist that helped remove a wreath the British National Party laid down at the Holocaust Memorial Day in Nelson, Lancashire.

The Further Education English teacher, who once wrote a book about a girl diarising race riots, is a member of Pendle Unite Against Fascism (PUAF).

His actions have caused uproar with Councillor/British Legion's George Adam who said:

"I'm annoyed - they have no right to remove that wreath. The BNP is a legitimate political party and they have a right to put down a memorial wreath just as any other members of the public do. The PUAF have done that without any explanation, so who is the fascist?"

The police are investigating
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The Hypocritical Dr Rajendra Pachuri - Climate Change

If you were the chief of a research body that said the Himalayan Glaciers would melt by 2035 and truly believed in climate change, would you really have a chauffeur drive you to a meeting only one mile away?

Dr Rajendra Pachauri, who earned the Nobel Peace Prize for his work, has done just that.

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The Hypocritical Harman and Miliband

In todays news we have two more hypocrites.

Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband attended Ken Livingstone's 'Progressive London' conference along side Azad Ali.

I find it hypocritical that harman speaks about a 'progressive agenda to stop the right in 2010' when she counts on the muslim votes and shares a platform with known jihadist sympathisers.

Muslim activist, Azad Ali, is a known supporter of Ossama Bin Laden's mentor, Abdullah Azzam and was suspended last year for describing Azzam as 'one of the few muslims who promote the understanding of the term jihad and its comprehensive glory'.

At yesterdays conference Ali, along with Ken Livingstone, supported and defended the terrorist Hamas and Hezbollah.

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The Hypocritical EHRC

The news is full of hypocrites today and here is the first...

The hypocritical Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has once again shown he doesn’t practice what he preaches.

According to new findings, the wages of white staff are 9.66% higher than ethnics, able bodied staff receive 8.9% more than disabled staff and men receive 3.04% more than women.

The full article can be read HERE

Thursday, 28 January 2010

EHRC “Has Moved Goalposts” — Now Seeks to Outlaw Any Policy Aimed at Keeping Britain British

The Race Gestapo Equalities and Human Rights Commission has moved the goalposts in its malicious court action against the British National Party by saying that any policy which declares that Britain should be kept British is contrary to the law.

“What this means is that the EHRC wants to outlaw any party’s policy with which this Tory/Labour created body does not agree,” BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP said today after the hearing in London. “This is nothing but an attempt to ban the BNP.”

Robin Allen QC, representing the EHRC, told the hearing the changes the party had proposed to its constitution were “highly suspect” and “unquestionably” racially discriminatory.

He said that making potential members agree that they supported the “unity and integrity of the indigenous British” would in effect bar some people from joining.

The party’s new statement of principles includes: “We are pledged to the continued creation, fostering, maintenance and existence of the unity and of the integrity of the indigenous British and of the government of … our ‘British Homeland’.”

It also states that the party is “implacably opposed to the promotion by any means of any form of integration or assimilation of any indigenous people, including the indigenous British, which is likely to deprive such people of their integrity as a distinct people or the distinctiveness of their cultural values or of their ethnic or national identities or characteristics.”

Mr Griffin said the EHRC’s latest argument was “unbelievable” and was clearly motivated by the fact that the BNP was now winning elections and had become a factor in politics.

“The argument that the BNP’s policies would indirectly discriminate are pure nonsense. There are policy positions in the Labour Party which make it impossible for BNP members to join that party, but that is not going to be ruled illegal by the EHRC,” he added. “Different policies are the reason why there are different parties.”

The real cause of the problem is that the establishment is hysterical over the argument that there exist indigenous people in Britain, Mr Griffin said.

“There are significant numbers of ethnic minorities who have no trouble at all accepting that the indigenous British exist and that we are the people who made the country in the first place.

“They, and we, fully support the idea that the indigenous people should remain the majority population. That policy does not shut out anyone,” he said.

“Every ethnic group must be able to talk about its own interests and concerns, and to organise politically to protect and advance those interests.

“What the EHRC wants is to outlaw the right of the indigenous British people to do this, while ignoring all the other non-British ethnic organisations engaged in precisely the same activities,” Mr Griffin said.

“It is still shocking to see the naked hatred expressed by Mr Allen and others for their own kind and the extent to which they are prepared to break all moral codes,” he continued.

“The bizarre thing is that all they are doing is convincing the public even further of how fundamentally unfair and anti-British the establishment is.”

The BNP leader also pointed out how the judge had criticised the media for their coverage of the last court hearing.

“The judge specifically said that the media had totally misrepresented what had happened at the previous hearing,” Mr Griffin said.

“He pointed out that contrary to press reports, the BNP’s constitution was not, and never had been, ruled illegal or discriminatory.”

The judge also said that there was no doubt that the main anti-discrimination clause of the proposed new law would definitely go through.

* Mr Griffin pointed out that when the new amendments to the BNP’s constitution were drawn up they were created with the understanding that there would be further attacks on the party.

“We knew we were not dealing with reasonable people and on that basis the amendments, if passed, will provide me with the power to make changes which will cope with any further attacks,” Mr Griffin said.
British National Party

Nick Griffin in Court Today!

British National Party leader Nick Griffin is due in court today. Here’s what he had to say:

Fellow British Patriot,

"We've got the taxpayers' money, and we can do whatever we want!" That's the message we're getting from the latest actions of the Equalities Commission. Despite having been caught red-handed inciting members of its staff to make bogus complaints against the BNP, Trevor Phillips' tax-eating monster organisation is dragging us into a totally unnecessary High Court hearing.

Because the harsh winter weather forced the postponement of several meetings with our lawyers, because of the sheer complexity of our Constitutional changes, because no Race Relations expert in the country would act for us, and because it's very hard to get a hall for large numbers of people when the establishment's UAF street thugs are allowed to threaten and intimidate venue owners at will, we ended up with no choice but to postpone our Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Now set for 14th February, this will be just 16 days past the date by which I first agreed to use my best endeavours to have the Constitution changed in order to comply with the forthcoming Equality Act.

16 days late, when it's taken them 28 years to bring an action against us! But CEHR's ugly collection of anti-British bigots and neo-Marxist cranks are using this unavoidable delay as an excuse to drag us back into court, and to apply to screw another day's court costs out of us. So tomorrow I have to appear in the High Court in central London to explain a self-explanatory delay.

In a story clearly planted by Labour/CEHR propagandists, The Times has reported that their intention is to sling me in jail for contempt of court. So I'll turn up in the morning with my toothbrush in my pocket and we'll see if they dare.

My hunch is that even this bunch of overpaid crackpots aren't that daft, but one can never be sure. What is certain is that we have to pay a solicitor and barrister of our own to appear in order to defend against CEHR's disgraceful demand for costs which are only being incurred on account of its own bullying and unreasonableness. It's outrageous, but that's the price we have to pay to uphold our rights.

It's a price we can only pay with your help, so please give us much as you can to help. I don't mind going to prison over this if it comes to it, but I don't want to have to do so without knowing that I've got your 110% support. Thank you.

The New Amber Valley Matters BNP Website

Congratulations to Amber Valley BNP on the launch of their new website.

However, the undesirable Labourites within Amber valley are at it again.

Not content with lying through their nicotine stained teeth when referring to the British National Party, they have the audacity to create a website with virtually the same web address as Amber Valley BNP.

The Amber Valley British National Party websites address is whereas Labour have added ‘uk’ at the end.

By having an address virtually the same, Labour hope to gain website hits from BNP surfers. It makes them feel important, or should that be impotent? Well, maybe they will gain a few hits, but once on their site, BNP surfers will quickly realise just how laughable and pathetic Labour are (but then again, that is Labour all over) and never bother to venture there again.
Unless they fancy a laugh.

Dwindling numbers is the reason. The Labour Party know their time has come to an end. They are in the final death throws and they don’t like it.

Labour see the British National Party as a threat and rightly so, because they know the British National Party allows people to see the truth; truths that at times are very hard to stomach, but the British National Party believes people should be allowed to know what is happening in their country.

After having landed on the Amber Valley Labour website, instead of Amber Valley BNP, I decided to take a quick look around and I have to say that the first thing that struck me was how childish the site is.

It is poorly constructed and full of spelling mistakes. Did they not learn to use the spellcheck function, F7? If it was a simple blog it could, I suppose, be acceptable, but it is supposed to be an official website.

I would also have thought that an official website would concentrate on winning over the electorate by reporting on how they had improved the area or what their intentions are for the future. Instead, the site is used to slander the opposition with the BNP being their main choice.

We all know that Labour, as well as the other parties members and leaders, are behind groups such as the UAF, their signatories are on a previous article I posted. They are also in league with Searchlight and have included its report on the Red White and Blue Festival on their website.

They have articles slating Councillors Lewis Allsebrook (Heanor West) and Cliff Roper (Heanor East) and yet they really should take a good look at their own.

For example John McCabe; the revolting, squat, little midget that shoved his face into mine in an effort to intimidate when I was helping at a table-top sale. Well John, you failed miserably.

What about Glynne Cato (Heanor East) and Jo Ward (Langley Mill) who attended only 8 meetings out of 17?

Then we have County Councillor Paul Smith (Ironville, Riddings and Somercotes) and Brian Lyttle (Somercotes) who spend most nights in the pub until 2am, playing dominoes, drinking and smoking. Isn’t that against the law? A law they helped to push through?

And how about Judy Mallaber? The only time she shows her face in Amber valley is in the run up to an election. The Mansfield CHAD newspaper portrayed her as a ‘Saint in a Scandal’ when the expenses row erupted. I would like to know how she is a ‘Saint’ when she was the 9th highest out of all MP’s when it came to staffing costs (£101,456) and office running costs (£10,388).

And let’s not forget that she is a supporter of communism and part of the Labour Research Department. A group that supports, and provides information, to trade union activities and campaigns. A group that uses the Fabian Strategy of intimidation against its opponents.

Now the general Election date is set, let’s see what they throw at the British National Party. They don’t really have anything left to throw, do they? But we all know that if they can’t find anything they will make it up.

Just out of interest... did you know that Fred West and Dennis Neilson were members of the Labour party?

Monday, 25 January 2010

EDL in Stoke-on-Trent, 23rd January 2010

Video courtesy of PitsnPots

Hidden Tax Petition

For those of you that drive...

When VAT was temporarily reduced to 15%, the Chancellor added 2% duty to fuel to offset the reduction in tax collected from motorists. Now that VAT has been increased to 17.5% again this hidden tax has not been removed - hence recent rises in your fuel costs. Sign the petition at the link below to have this stealth tax removed!

You only have until 12th march to sign, so make sure you give this link to as many people as possible.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Friday Night Laughs

Literal Video

Friday comes around so quickly and as you know, Friday is silly video time.

Here's tonights laugh - Safety Dance, courtesy of tomvondoom

Friday, 22 January 2010

As White Indigenous People Slip to Minority in London, Third World Gang Warfare Becomes Biggest Police Concern

Gun crime committed by Third World-origin immigrants and their children has become the Metropolitan Police’s biggest area of concern as this year marks the predicted minority status of white people in Britain’s capital city.

A new report on crime in London shows that although the total number of offenses fell, gangland shootings have led to a big rise in gun crime.

Violent attacks were also up and senior officers said there were “grave concerns” over the rises.

The number of offences involving guns, which also includes cases where criminals claimed to be armed, went up by 49 percent to 3,306 cases from 2,224 in 2008, the police said.

Gangsters engaged in drug and turf wars are increasingly using firearms to settle scores, and often only the skill of paramedics prevented shootings becoming murders.

According to the report, the number of incidents of “youth violence cases” fell by 3.5 percent to “only” 20,272, meaning that there were 55 attacks every day, or over two per hour.

There were also “only” 130 murders in London last year, a drop of 25 from the previous year. Detectives ascribed the small decline to “massive rises in the number of stop and searches” on the streets.

There were large increases in several other categories of crime. Residential burglaries rose by nearly six percent to 62,081.

Violent crime also rose to a total of 175,000 offences. There was a 24 percent increase in the number of rapes, up from 2,131 to 2,646.

In 2007, the Third World-origin population of London was estimated to be more than two million, or about 30 percent of the total.

That same year, an official study showed that white British-born children were already the minority in many London schools.

A study made by Anthony Browne and published in The Guardian newspaper in September 2000, predicted that whites would be a minority in London by 2010.

The article also predicted that whites would be a minority in all of Britain by 2100. Given immigration levels of the last decade, that figure is probably several decades too long.

Only the British National Party is dedicated to keeping Britain British. This is the same right demanded by every other indigenous people on earth, and has nothing to do with hating anyone — only a desire to preserve one’s own.

Will you accept the challenge of ensuring that Britain remains British?
British National party



Wakefield Result

Labour (Les Shaw) - 1330 - 49.8%
Lib Dem (Paul Kirby) - 603 - 22.6%
BNP (Stephen Rogerson) - 353 - 13.3%
Con (Carl Milner) - 275 - 10.3 %
Ind (Jason Smart) - 102

Spoilt - 4

Total votes cast 2669 (23.39%)

Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Perils of Tamiflu - Blisters & Blindness

A nineteen year old, who was wrongly diagnosed with swine flu by the controversial NHS helpline, has been left blinded after taking Tamiflu.

After taking three of the ten pills, Samantha Millard had a severe allergic reaction resulting in Stevens Johnson syndrome and the life-threatening toxic epidermal necrolysis. She was covered in a red rash, blisters, her skin peeled off and she lost her sight. The blisters were so severe she had to have her hair shaved off.

Samantha was put on life support within 3 days of starting the tablets and spent a month in hospital.

Samantha said:

‘It’s hard. I can’t bathe myself, I can’t dress myself, I can’t watch films and I can’t read books.

‘I sit in my bedroom with my sunglasses on, curtains closed and the TV on so I can hear it. I don’t know how long it will take for my eyes to heal.

‘I know I’m improving but some days it’s really hard to cope with it. I can’t cry - I have no tears.’

It could take two years for her to recover, she has to use eye drops every hour and she may never regain her sight.


Toxic epidermal necrolysis is a rare and usually severe adverse reaction to certain drugs. History of medication use exists in over 95% of patients with TEN. The drugs most often implicated in TEN are antibiotics such as sulfonamides; nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; allopurinol, antiretroviral drugs; corticosteroids; and anticonvulsants such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine, and valproic acid. The condition might also result from immunizations, infection with agents such as Mycoplasma pneumoniae or the herpes virus; and transplants of bone marrow or organs.

Microscopically, TEN causes cell death throughout the epidermis. Keratinocytes, which are the cells found lower in the dermis, specialize in holding the skin cells together, undergo necrosis (uncontrolled cell death).

TEN affects many parts of the body, but it most severely affects the mucous membranes, such as the mouth, eyes, and vagina. The severe findings of TEN are often preceded by 1 to 2 weeks of fever. These symptoms may mimic those of a common upper respiratory tract infection. When the rash appears it may be over large and varied parts of the body, and it is usually warm and appears red. In hours, the skin becomes painful and the epidermis can be easily peeled away from the underlying dermis. The mouth becomes blistered and eroded, making eating difficult and sometimes necessitating feeding through a nasogastric tube through the nose or a gastric tube directly into the stomach. The eyes are affected, becoming swollen, crusted, and ulcerated.

Information taken from wikidoc

Geert Wilders Brilliant Speech

Video by VladTepes

Geert Wilders Trial - Day 1

Video by vladTepes

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Something to think about

Oliver Cromwell 1599-1658

A few points to ponder over...

· A government that clamps down on Christmas and other saints and holy days

· A government that is accused of a number of embarrassing blunders and failures

· Wales, Scotland and Ireland want to be separate entities

· Government oppose and abolish the monarchy

· Government in favour of parliamentary and military rule

· Civil war

You may be thinking that I am referring to present day’s events. Well, think again. The events above happened nearly 400 years ago but I have a nasty feeling that history is repeating itself.

The events above refer to the reign of Charles I in the 1600’s and his demise at the hands of Oliver Cromwell’s government.

While not all of the events above have happened in the 21st Century, the cards are clearly on the table.

Our Queen is alive and well; Charles III is waiting in the wings...


Oliver Cromwell died on 3rd September, 1658 and was reported to be buried somewhere within Westminster Abbey. In 1660, parliament ordered the exhumation and posthumous execution of several regicides.

On 30th January, 1661 – 12th anniversary of Charles I’s execution - three corpses were exhumed, hung and decapitated. The bodies were dumped in an unmarked pit beneath Tyburn gallows. And the heads? They were displayed on poles above Westminster Hall.

On 29th May, 1660, the monarchy was restored...

All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the DERBY PATRIOT and should not be taken to represent any political party.