Sunday, 29 May 2011

Labour election rigging, Tyneside Council and the whistle-blowing blogger

I love it when whistleblowers spill the beans, especially when it makes national news, but a story today made me laugh my socks off.

South Tyneside Council has spent hundreds of thousands of tax-payers by contacting twitter and gaining information of the unknown author of a blog in the hopes of uncovering his identity.

Why would they do that? Well just take a look at the following taken from the blog and you will know why...

Councillor Iain Malcolm (South Tyneside) was up for re-election and it was widely believed that he faced a tough fight against Patricia Piggott, a strong Conservative candidate.

Many people including Iain Malcolm believed that he would lose his seat to the Conservative so he decided to take matters into his own hands and rig the ballot to ensure he won and there was no better way to do this than by manipulating the postal vote – Labour’s recently introduced new election fixing tool.

Councillor Iain Malcolm ensured that every elderly person in his ward was registered to vote and encouraged them to vote by post. He assured them that there was nothing complicated about the process especially as he and his associates would be on hand to fill the ballot papers in for them and even offered to post them on their behalf.

Councillor Iain Malcolm particularly targeted care homes, sheltered accommodation and OAP bungalows. As a sitting councillor no council employee was going to deny him access so he was free to come and go as he pleased.

As the election was nearing its climax, councillor Iain Malcolm was increasingly worried about the reaction on the doorstep and decided that it was time for drastic intervention otherwise he would lose his seat.

Around the same time the sitting MP for South Shields, Dr David Clarke was planning to retire at the next general election which was due to be held within the next year or so.

The only problem was that councillor Iain Malcolm had been selected to sit on the Parliamentary panel and was likely to be selected to replace Dr Clarke as Labour’s parliamentary candidate at the forthcoming election – something Dr Clarke was desperate to avoid, he even raised the matter with the then Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Dr Clarke despised everything Iain Malcolm stood for, he didn’t trust him and questioned his integrity. It wasn’t long before Dr Clarke was proved right.

Prior to polling day councillor Iain Malcolm instructed all Labour party members in Horsley Hill to go around people’s homes collecting any postal voting envelopes that hadn’t been posted on the pretext of “we’ll post them for you”. But instead of posting them he asked his supporters to hand them over to him.

A crucial part of Iain Malcolm’ strategy was to ensure that the postal votes from care homes, sheltered accommodations and OAP bungalows were collected in person. He entrusted this task to an unsuspecting Labour party member called Tom Taylor. He told him to take all the envelopes to his house and that he would come and collect them later.

After he had collected them he called Iain Malcolm to tell him that he had finished his task and that they were at his house awaiting collection. Shortly after Iain Malcolm arrived.

Tom’s wife Mary, asked Iain Malcolm to step inside the house and when he saw that Tom was as good as his word and had collected a large number of envelopes he sat down and started to sort through them. Then to the total and utter dismay of these life long Labour supporters he started to open the envelopes in their front room and removed the ballot papers. Any votes for Labour were returned to the envelope and resealed for posting and any votes for Pat Piggott, the Conservative candidate were destroyed.

In the early hours of May 5th the election result was announced and as people had predicated it was a close run thing. Iain Malcolm was declared the winner with 785 votes with Pat Piggott polling 709 votes, a difference of just 76 votes.

Iain Malcolm celebrated his victory by announcing to a handful of associates that he had cheated Pat Piggott out of victory by destroying her votes and said that he’d done what he’d needed to do to ensure that no Tory took his seat.

The blog in question hasn't had any new content added for a while, but is still available to view, so if you are in the Tyneside area why don't you go over and take a look at Mr Monkey's (aka Ahmed Khan) findings. I am sure it will give you something to think about.

EDL Blackpool footage - Justice for Charlene Downs

Footage from Saturday's EDL march in Blackpool, including a speech by Charlene Down's mother.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

EDL Blackpool 28/05/2011 - Justice for Charlene Downs weekend

The boys and girls of the EDL will be in Blackpool this weekend in honour of Charlene Downs who was murdered by enrichers in 2003. Charlene's mum makes heartfelt speeches at the demos and fully backs the English Defence League in their struggle to rid our country of paedophiles and extreme muslims.

If you can make it, go and lend your support.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Muhammad Ali on Racial Integration

It's fine to want to preserve your race so long as you aren't white. Here's what Muhammad Ali has to say on the subject

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Normanton, Derby - muslims paint burkha on bikini advert

I get back from a lovely 10 day holiday and what do I find? More reports of enrichers stamping their mark on our soil...

A poster advertising a high street clothes store's bikini has had a burkha painted over the top of it. The model acquired the full-length veil in a poster displayed on the side of a bus stop in Normanton, Derbyshire.

The advert, featuring a £3.99 bikini on sale at H&M, was vandalised with black graffiti, leaving only the eyes of the female model uncovered.

The poster has been causing controversy across the country, with black spray paint being daubed over the scantily-clad model in Muslim areas of Birmingham and London.

Similar adverts in Balsall Heath, Birmingham, and Tower Hamlets, London, have been blacked out - reportedly by outraged Muslims or feminists.

However, this is the first time a full length Burka has been carefully painted over the model.

This is not the first time H&M advertisements have been modified. The store's new campaign, starring the supermodel Giselle, has been digitally altered to cater for ads running in Dubai. Despite revealing only arms and a hint of cleavage, the images were all subjected to Photoshopping with a t-shirt or vest added under the clothes.

One enhanced shot shows a white vest under a jumpsuit, leaving the arms bare and another adds short sleeves to a hatlerneck top.

Gulfraz Nawaz, from the Jamia Mosque, close to the defaced advert in Derby, said: 'Some people of the Muslim community could find an advert like that offensive and react to it, which clearly someone has. Firms behind advertising campaigns like that should be a little more sensitive about the location of posters.' (THIS IS ENGLAND NOT PAKISTAN!)

Azher Rehan, 36, who works close to where the poster is displayed, said: 'I wouldn't have noticed it if it hadn't been pointed out. I think whoever did it has a good sense of humour.'

A spokeswoman for Derbyshire police said officers were aware of the incident of 'criminal damage'. (BUT OF COURSE THEY WON'T DO ANYTHING, THEY NEVER DO)

A spokeswoman for H&M said it was 'regrettable' that people had chosen to vandalise the bus shelter. This is not something that H&M commonly encounters. With our campaigns we want to surprise and inspire our customers, not upset them.'

Well they’d better get used to it because it is going to become more common than the liberal prats could ever imagine. Incidently it was only two weeks ago that I reported on the Labour candidates in Normanton who intimidated people at the polling station.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Derby Council Tries to Dupe Candidates into Signing “Equality Contracts”

The letter below was sent to all our candidates in the Amber Valley one week before election day. The “Derby Racial Equality Council” is another taxpayer-funded quango set up to harass the indigenous people of our Nation and is just another string to the bow of the forces amassed against us.

The contract urged all council candidates to sign it to “demonstrate [candidates’] commitment to serving Derbyshire [sic] diverse communities”.

The threat implied in this outrageous letter was that they were going to publish the replies they got and send all the details to the local and national media. What an outrageous thing – to ask a candidate to sign up to what in effect is a contract to promote multiculturalism if elected.

We advised our candidates to reply that they where standing for election to promote the rights of the indigenous population and not to promote the failed multicultural experiment forced on our people by groups such as the Derby Racial Equality Council.

This is just another example of the forces and the finances arrayed against our candidates and is a timely reminder just why we stand by our principles against such people and such organisations.

Clive Jefferson

Saturday, 7 May 2011

80% of children born in London hospital born to foreign nationals


Walk into Ealing Hospital and you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a foreign land. Looking around the maternity unit, the vast majority of mothers with newborns are from abroad. Most are Indian or Polish.

One woman who recently gave birth at the hospital told me: ‘I was practically the only British woman there. Some of the others didn’t speak a word of English.’

Hardly surprising, given that last week new figures revealed that 80 per cent of the children born at the West London hospital over the previous year were to foreign nationals.

Of the 3,289 children delivered, an extraordinary 2,655 babies were born to non-British mothers. The statistics also showed that the maternity unit last year dealt with women from a total of 104 different nationalities — an astounding figure. As a result, a team of translators, funded by the taxpayer, has to be on hand around the clock.

The children born to foreign women include 537 babies by Indian mothers — the largest minority ethnic group — 389 Poles, 270 Sri Lankans, 260 Somalis, 200 Afghans and 208 Pakistanis.

In contrast, there were 634 babies with British mothers, including just three from Wales and six from Scotland.

Maternity services at the hospital are under increasing pressure, with a 20 per cent rise in births over the past five years, almost twice the national average — partly due to the fact that foreign-born women generally have more children than their British counterparts. As a result, the hospital has had to take on 32 extra midwives to cope with the boom.

The revelations have inevitably sparked criticism of Britain’s immigration policies, and renewed concern that the NHS is being overwhelmed by an influx of foreign mothers keen to take advantage of free healthcare.

A Daily Mail investigation reveals that births to mothers born outside the UK last year rose to the highest figure since records began in 1969.

They accounted for nearly a quarter — 24.7 per cent — of all live births in 2009. This has increased since 2008, when it was 24.1 per cent.

In 2009, there were 174,174 live births in England and Wales to mothers born outside the UK, compared with 170,834 in 2008.

This means that nationally, one baby in four is born in the UK to a foreign mother — twice the level of 1997, when New Labour came to power. In 1990, it was just under 12 per cent.

The latest Office for National Statistics figures show that in 2009, the three countries which produced the highest number of births here to mothers from outside the UK were Pakistan, Poland and India.

Of the local authorities in England, the London borough of Newham recorded the highest percentage of births to mothers born outside the UK in 2009, at 75.7 per cent. Outside London, Slough — which has seen a considerable influx from Eastern Europe — leads the field, with 57 per cent of births to foreign mothers, followed closely by Luton, which has a large Asian population.

Areas such as Peterborough, too, have seen a huge increase in births from Eastern Europeans. There were just three such babies born there in 2000, but almost 200 in 2006.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Labour intimidates voters in Derby

Jangir Khan, third from left, wins the Normanton ward for Labour
(Look at all those 'British' faces)

POLICE were called to a Normanton polling station after reports that voters felt "intimidated" by political activists outside.

There were complaints that some people outside were telling voters who to vote for and that one person was led to a polling booth at the Indian Community Centre, in Rawdon Street, by a candidate's supporter.

One 72-year-old woman said she was stopped in the centre's car park and had her polling card taken from her.

She said she was then told who to vote for.

She said: "It was something I was not used to.

"I have voted for many years and every year I just walk straight into the polling station.

"It was very intimidating being told who to vote for. I didn't want any problems."

Conservative candidates stood outside at the polling station claimed some Labour supporters were accosting voters.

But Jangir Khan, Labour candidate for the Normanton ward, said the tension was because people were feeling "passionate" about the local election.

He said: "The other parties have said we were intimidating people but it was not true at all.

"I think they were concerned about people standing around because Normanton has always been a safe Labour seat. We were not telling people who to vote for because we know the rules."

Conservative candidate Ashley Waterhouse said voters had told him they felt intimidated.

He said: "We were prepared to have a fair fight but it did not feel like we could have one because there was a big group of Labour supporters outside the polling station."

Dawn Gee, Liberal Democrat candidate for the ward, said she thought it was "appalling".

She said: "The polling station should have been closed as soon as the complaints were made."

A police spokesperson said: "Police officers went to the polling station after reports that voters were being intimidated."

She added that an officer stayed at the polling station for around half an hour until tensions had eased between candidates.

Steve Dunning, the returning officer who was overseeing the city's elections, said only two supporters were allowed on the premises to accompany each candidate.

Under Electoral Commission rules, they are there only to encourage people to vote, and are not allowed to "irritate voters, exert undue influence or obstruct the polling station".

He said: "I told the candidates and the parties that they had to abide by the election rules."

He added that the centre's presiding officer was "quick to act".

He also said that similar complaints had been received from voters at St Augustine Community Centre, in Almond Street, Normanton, although police were not called there.

This is Derbyshire

Election 2011 - Derby

I am still waiting for Derby's election results but will print them here as soon as I get them. My personal opinion is the British National Party won't do well.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

'Learn English, get a job and stop smoking cannabis': What judge said to immigrant drug dealer on benefits

A judge gave an immigrant drug dealer a verbal dressing-down by telling him to 'get a job, learn English and stop smoking cannabis'.

Pakistani-born Mohammed Ramzan, 32, had been spending £20 a day on cannabis, paid for by his benefits from the taxpayer.

After admitting three drug possession counts following raids police raids on his home in Derby, he faced a verbal tirade from a Crown Court judge.

As he was handed a suspended jail term at Derby Crown Court, Judge Andrew Hamilton told Ramzan, who had spoken in court through an interpreter: 'It's about time you learnt to speak English.

'It seems to me very difficult to live in this country if you can't speak the language.

'And you should be going out, getting work, instead of sitting at home smoking cannabis.

'My advice to you is to give up drugs, go and learn English, go and get a job and do something useful.'

The court heard how police raided Ramzan's home in Derby, and found cannabis in plastic bags ready to sell.

Twice over the next three months, they raided different houses where the 32-year-old was living and again found evidence of cannabis.

Ramzan admitted three counts of possession with intent to supply.

The court heard how officers who searched Ramzan's home in December 2009 found a holdall with his name on it and an address in Pakistan.

Inside it were different types of cannabis, including vegetation and 26g of resin.

Scales to weigh amounts of the drug were also discovered, along with four mobile phones.

They contained texts saying 'ring me', messages about debts - and one which read: 'Have you got any weed?'

More raids were carried out in January and March 2010 at other properties where he was staying. Cannabis was found at these.

Ramzan initially denied knowledge of some of the cannabis but admitted some of it was for personal use.

Ramzan told the court, through an interpreter, that he had tried successfully to cut down on the amount of drugs he was taking and he was 'motivated to change'.

During the court hearing, Judge Hamilton said: 'I'm told you have reduced your drug intake from £20 a day to £10 a day.

'Where do you get £70 a week? Where does that come from?'

Ramzan, speaking through his interpreter, said: 'It's from benefits, your honour.'

The judge asked how much he claimed in benefits, and was told £120 every fortnight.

He told Ramzan, now living in Derby, that the police would pay 'regular visits' to his address to make sure he was not taking drugs.

Ramzan was given a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and a two-year supervision order. He must also carry out 180 hours of unpaid work.

The judge added: 'I hope in the course of the supervision, you are directed to learn English.'


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