Sunday, 30 May 2010

Four MPs on terror hit list

Channel 4 News has learned that police are advising four MPs whose names were found on a suspected terrorist hit list. The news follows the knife attack on Labour MP Stephen Timms. Political correspondent Cathy Newman reports.

Former minister Jim Fitzpatrick, the Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse, is among the four MPs who have been offered advice and assistance by the police.

Channel 4 News understands Scotland Yard is reviewing security for all 650 members of parliament in the wake of fears over Islamist extremists.

Senior police sources have expressed concern that politicians may be at risk from so-called "self-radicalisers" - lone extremists who are not part of an organised plot but who are inspired by al-Qaida. Scotland Yard tonight declined to comment.

The disclosure comes two weeks after the former minister Stephen Timms was stabbed while speaking to constituents. The attack in east London by a young Asian woman is now being treated as a terrorist investigation. His assailant is believed to have been radicalised by Islamist extremists.

Channel 4

Thursday, 27 May 2010

EDL Newcastle demo - 29th May 2010

This Saturday the English Defence League will be holding a peaceful demonstration to oppose militant Islam in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Defiant residents stop gipsy invasion by digging trenches and taking to the streets

Housing estate residents went to drastic lengths to stop invading gipsies - by digging trenches and taking to the streets to prevent access.

Eventually, police were forced to intervene as simmering tensions between travellers and tenants threatened to boil over amid the scenes of mayhem.

A dozen squad cars descended on the estate in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, where scores of angry locals fetched spades and dug a trench across the access road to stop caravans entering a nearby field.

During the battle, which followed weeks of increasing friction, resident Mandy Greenshields claimed a traveller vehicle tried to ram her car after she used it to block off the entrance.

Others said they were abused by gipsies and only police intervention stopped the dispute from turning to violence.

Miss Greenshields took direct action after watching three caravans enter the land owned by South Derbyshire District Council.

She said: ‘I tried to block them off by parking my car in front of the entrance, but one of them in another vehicle made as if to ram me. Then the police turned up.

‘Everybody was in uproar and it looked as though there was going to be a fight at one point because the travellers were urging the residents on. If the police hadn't got here, things would have got out of hand.’

Two further caravans managed to get onto the field via a different entrance, before the travellers left - to cheers from residents -after more than two hours of negotiations with police.

Karen Collier said: Police had blocked the road off and there were queues of people trying to get in to get home. It was absolutely manic. There were police cars everywhere.

‘We all came out as a community because we don't want the travellers here. We wouldn't mind if they were the old-style gipsies who cleaned up after themselves, but the mess they leave and the abuse you get from them is terrible.’

Sergeant Adrian Pegg, from Derbyshire Constabulary, said: ‘Our officers met a group of very angry residents determined that the travellers were not going to stay there.

‘Police attended to prevent a breach of the peace, as we have no powers to remove travellers once they have accessed land.’

Police parked one of their vehicles in front of the second entrance to the site to prevent the travellers returning, and were yesterday due to discuss the issue with the district council, to see if permanent barriers could be erected.

Meanwhile, residents were due to hold a meeting in the street last night to discuss the problem, with police and council officers expected to attend.

Daily Mail Online

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Adam Walker case thrown out

The politically motivated persecution of Adam Walker has finally ended in a victory for freedom of speech.

Today the General Teaching Council dropped all charges against BNP activist and teacher Adam Walker, in a case that has dragged on for 3 years.

BNP Leader Nick Griffin, Deputy Leader Simon Darby, MEP Andrew Brons and GLA member Richard Barnbrook demonstrated at the HQ of the GTC along with dozens of BNP activists. All welcomed the verdict as a major victory for freedom of expression.

BNP leader Nick Griffin was among those present and claimed Mr Walker had been "outrageously persecuted" for his political beliefs.

He said: "The charges about supposed racism, racial intolerance, and so on, have been thrown out.

"The committee have upheld the right of Adam Walker and every other teacher in the country to criticise Government policy in no uncertain terms."

Asked about calls from leftwing quarters for BNP members to be banned from teaching, Mr Griffin replied: "Teachers obviously have to keep politics out of the classroom. As long as they do that they should be entitled to hold whatever political views they want."
Adam Walker is now free to teach again with immediate effect.

For John Walker's Radio RWB report from Birmingham, click here.

British National Party

Monday, 24 May 2010

The ugly sisters democracy - Lee Barnes

The brilliant Lee Barnes tells it as it is.

You can find his blog, 21st Century British Nationalism, HERE

America Rising

Liberals in America have been trying to drive this video from Youtube in much the same way as British liberals try to get rid of BNP videos and blogs.

It is well worth a viewing.

Thanks to Lisa in Michigan for sending me the link.
While this country has become a haven for illegal immigrants, bogus asylum seekers, and terrorists there is the odd success story.

The man in the picture is Gabor Bartos and he is one of them.

Gabor was born in Hungary and suffered beatings at the hands of hardline authorities for having long hair and enjoying listening to rock and roll music.

In 1978, Gabor flew to England to watch Hungary play England under the watchful eye of the secret service police. Once here, he managed to slip away and headed for the home office to seek political asylum.

When the Hungarian authorities realised what Gabor had done, they sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment in his absence.

Gabor married and settled in Poynton, near Macclesfield, where he became a Conservative councillor

Nick Griffin to step down

I have to admit that clicking onto the British National Party website left me gob-smacked.

Nick Griffin has announced that he will be stepping down as leader towards the end of 2013.

Nick will still be a prominent figure within the BNP, but he'll be concentrating on being re-elected into the European Parliament.

But who will take his place? I know of no one that is capable, not at the moment anyway.

I have never seen a man, or woman, with as much passion for his or her country as Nick.

All I can say is the BNP have two and a half years to find someone to replace him and it is not going to be an easy task.

Full story HERE

Unite have their snouts in the trough

The picture is of Unite the union's Esher Place mansion in Surrey.

The mansion, modelled on a French chateau and valued at £100million, is set in 8 acres of land, has 56 bedrooms and a bar.

It is supposedly used as a training and conference centre but is mainly used for weekend breaks for union top brass attending Sandown Park - the racecourse - and 'shopping breaks'. The weekends are so popular it is fully booked for the remainder of this year.

But now, local residents are up in arms, as Unite have hired architects to plan an 'annexe' complete with an extra 36 bedrooms and roof terrace.

There is a covenant that states there can be no hotel accomodation on the estate, but more and more Unite members fancy a taste of the good life and the locals want to know why another 36 bedrooms need to be added.

Pigs and troughs spring to mind.

Join a proper union - SOLIDARITY

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Coming soon - The Green Arrow Internet Radio

The Voice of the British Resistance

Welcome to our weekly broadcasts by the Voice of the British Resistance which will be transmitted across the world every Sunday Morning at 09:00 AM.

This weeks VBR is now available on
Please leave your comments below.

A new look for our website and new theme for the show.

This week we'll have a more up to date mix of music as we try out the new theme, please let us know if we got it right or if we threw the baby out with the bath water.

The EU is putting in place the final parts of their European dominance, you are the only ones standing in their way, don't just listen to the show, fight back!

Please note:-

The VBR page is our new HTML5 page please tell us if you have any problems.

The page will load the podcast preferred .m4a file, if it cannot it will load either a .mp3 or .ogg file. Your choice of browser and system will work out which is best for you.
If you are using Internet Explorer which does not support HTML5 it will fallback to the QuickTime player as before.
I have tested the page in Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The help page 'VBR for Absolute Beginners' has been updated and moved to it's own page on and as we have added to and improved the VBR page we would like other websites to link to the VBR page rather than just play the audio. Although the code we gave out we still continue to work if you update the numbers as you have been doing so far.

Do you have any requests or items of interest, may be you are in a Nationalist band or know of one that would like to have their music promoted here, why not email the show at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

By the way, if you do like the show, please help us promote it by popping along to the iTunes Store and leaving a review on the VBR iTunes page.

Footnote: You can acces VBR at any time via clicking on the picture in the pictures bar to the right of this blog.

Unite and the hard-left madness

Yesterdays violent protest by the Socialist Workers Party which broke up the BA/Unite peace talks at ACAS highlighted the madness of the Left.

Described by Unite joint leader Tony Woodley as 'idiots' and 'lunatics' the SWP laughably claimed they were there in support of the cabin crew, yet their actions ruined any chance of a favourable deal.

But this is what the Left do, it is in their blood. Their ideological sentiments cannot be argued in the real world, only in the playground and student union bars; their vision of a socialist utopia may appear wonderful whilst under the influence of a spliff of 'wacky baccy'. Because they can't debate with any logical reasoning they have to resort to violence to get their point across.

We've seen it in Amber Valley with the protests against the Red, White and Blue Family Festival.

Those of us who are members of the BNP have seen them in action at our meetings, and following the leaking of the membership list.

To compound the madness of the 'idiots and lunatics' it should be mentioned that the Socialist Workers Party control the violent Unite Against Fascism group, and the UAF are financed by Trade Unions, the largest single donations coming from... you've guessed it... UNITE!

Michael Clarke

Saturday, 22 May 2010

EDL freedom march 22nd May update

Today's march went off without incident and the UAF were nowhere to be seen - they were probably too busy hijacking the BA talks with their friends, the SWP.

The march began in Tothill Street, then onto Great George Street, up Whitehall, past Downing Street, Trafalga Square, Cockspur Street and onto Waterloo Place, where speeches were made against the Government and their intention to ban English Patriots.

Pictures of today's march can be found HERE

Friday, 21 May 2010

Keyboard warriors/stalkers


What I write about isn’t to everyone’s taste, especially if you are a drug-addled UAFer, Hope-not-Hater, or politically correct moronic student which our government has had 13 years to mould into mini-mees of Karl Marx.

But what I write about is always the truth. There is no room for lies on here and it will not be tolerated.

The articles I publish on my blog are all based on fact and when I am really busy, or away, I even resort to copying and pasting directly from sites such as Sky or various newspapers. Sometimes friends will even fill in for me just to keep it going.

Articles I write personally are researched by myself from various sources, checked and double checked for accuracy.

And now to the point of this short article.

Every single day without fail I receive comments ranging from snide little digs to the downright nasty, and I do mean nasty; you know who you are.

But what you can’t seem to get into your thick skulls is that comments that praise what I do far outweigh your vile attempts to put an end to this blog and others like it.

People have a right to know what is happening and it is up to people like me to get the information out there. The people can then do their own research and make up their own minds.

I choose not to allow your comments to be published for a reason. No one wants to see your rants. I have to admit my friends and I do have a good laugh about them especially as one of you seems to think you know who I am. Failed miserabley on that one, haven't you?

Now listen up, stalkers, as I vill say zis only once...

Your attempts to intimidate me do not scare me and your threats are laughable. However, I do save them for future use and some are even in the hands of the police. The very fact that you feel the need to comment on my articles every day shows you for the pathetic lowlife, keyboard warriors that you so obviously are.

Now, go get a life, as you clearly haven’t got one!

British National Party website up and running

Dear Fellow Patriot,

At the height of the General Election campaign, at a time when millions of leaflets were hitting doorsteps around the country, our website was destroyed by a treacherous former employee.

This unforgiveable act of treason contributed to the loss of dozens of election deposits around the country.

For several weeks a group of loyal Party officials and volunteers have been working hard getting the entire BNP internet operation up and running once again.

"It has been a hard slog but now things are moving once again. Instead of depending on one person to run the entire BNP cyberspace presence we now have a team of people working together, technicians, designers, writers and moderators," said BNP webmaster Paul Golding.

Please take the time to visit the new BNP website and register, this will allow you to place comments complete with avatar after each news article:

If you would like to know the reasons behind the website being down and the traitor involved, please go HERE

EDL march in London - 22nd May 2010

In the words of the EDL...

Many of you are aware that there will be a march in London tomorrow (Sat 22nd May) and though this is not being organised by us, this is a very important statement to make.

The Dudley 2 are being persecuted for standing up for the rights of everyone in this country who have accepted England for the Country it is, and do not want to change it to suit their own ideologies, and this march is to protect like minded patriots like us from being persecuted for speaking the truth.


Unite intent on destroying BA

British Airways has suffered pre tax losses of £531m.

Whilst we are in a recession, the price of fuel has increased and volcanic ash has meant many flights have been cancelled, unite the union are determined to make BA suffer even more.

The recent strikes, which is not supported by pilots, have cost BA £45m so far and with more strikes to come do the unions really think strike action is going to help?

In a letter sent to BA's largest investor, Blackrock and the other largest shareholders, including Invesco, Standard Life, Janus Capital, Legal & General, as well as merger partner, Iberia, the union leaders said their efforts to resolve the dispute "have been thwarted by a management that is... putting ego and machismo ahead of your interests as investors – and playing fast and loose with the airline's future".

The only ones with an ego are Simpson and Woodley and, as many of us know, using threats is second nature to them.

I have a few questions for the unite bosses Simpson and Woodley, who earn £122,000 a year to cause havoc...

1) What is wrong with having a wage freeze in times of trouble?

2) Why do think workers deserve to keep perks such as cheap flights while they are striking?

3) Why are you so intent on ruining businesses with your greed knowing it could, and does, cause a business to go under?

And why the hell don’t BA sack the lot of them?

There are plenty out there that would jump at the chance of a filling the greedy striker’s shoes.

We saw what happened with the pits at the hands of the unions didn’t we?

All material published on these pages represents the personal views of the DERBY PATRIOT and should not be taken to represent any political party.