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unite against facism train for their next protest against the bnp..

This cracked me up

Using water as fuel

Using Water As Car Fuel - Amazing videos are here

Heads up BNP RWB Organisers

David Cameron's UAF want to stop this

The following has been published in the Ripley & Heanor News and I copy the article in full for the benefit of the Red, White and Blue Organisers of the British National Party. If you have already seen it fine. Better to receive information twice than not at all.

CHIEF Constable Mick Creedon is to hold a meeting specially for residents of Codnor and Denby to hear their views on the forthcoming British National Party Red, White and Blue Festival.
The national festival is being held on Codnor Denby Lane during the weekend of August 14, 15 and 16 and police are expecting a large number of people to either attend the event or protest against it.

Officers are also consulting with the festival organisers and groups who have indicated that they will be taking part in a protest against it.

The meeting, at John Flamsteed School, Denby, will only be open to residents of the villages who will be most affected by any disruption and not members of the general public.

The meeting will start at 6.30pm on Tuesday, August 4, and anybody wishing to attend should contact police on 0345 123 33 33 to register.

Now I think that it is only fair that a British National Party representative be allowed to attend, sit at the top table and answer any questions put to them by the residents of the villages that may be affected by the event.

I realise that were it not for the threats from David Camerons UAF Claw Hammer Gang, the residents would probably not be even aware of the event.

I also suggest that that BNP representative extend a publicly announced invitation to a delegation of the villagers to attend the event at any time and judge for themselves and report back on just what an innocent event it is.

Article by the Green Arrow

Woman arrested for confronting bullies

A woman was arrested and thrown into jail for confronting children who were bullying her daughter. The children alleged the woman threw one of them against a fence. She spent 5 hours in a police cell and charges were dropped after the bullies had been questioned.

I can fully understand this womans feelings. My friends child was bullied by someone five years her senior. She was eleven years old, came home day after day in floods of tears and even contemplated suicide.

My friend went into school numerous times only to be told that everything was fine. Everything was NOT fine and my friend took matters into her own hands.

My friend was confronted by the asian bully who towered above my friend, built like a brick shit-house with sideboards and moustache a man would be proud of. It resulted in a fight, my friend giving her the hiding of her life, and the bullying stopped.

Until the schools get their act together and combat this behaviour more people should stand up to the bullies, regardless of the consequences.

Red, White And Blue Caravaners Face Arrest

MEMBERS of the BNP bringing caravans to the controversial Red, White and Blue festival in Denby in August could face arrest.

Amber Valley Borough Council has written to organiser Alan Warner, who has hosted the event on his land for the past two years, warning him he risks police intervention by allowing too many caravanners to park on his land during the festival without a licence.

Landowners need a caravan site licence to use their sites as a temporary or permanent park for the vehicles and the council says the excessive number of caravans at last year's festival exceeded the number allowed without permission.

In a letter to Mr Warner sent earlier this month Amber Valley solicitor Paul Benski said: "Land may not be used as a caravan site, either permanently or temporarily, unless a site licence is held. To do otherwise would constitute a criminal offence.

"I must ask you to state in clear terms that anyone entering your land with a caravan is a trespasser who does so without your permission. Anyone who then does so is liable to arrest by the police for public order offences."

Mr Warner, whose home was targeted by vandals last week, said: "I have told our party to break off all communication with the council. I think it is absolutely ridiculous – talking about coming on site and arresting people in caravans for trespassing.

"This is clearly victimisation. Other events in the area like the steam rally have many caravans on site with no problems. It looks to me like they have been scouring the legal books looking for something to get us on and this is all they have found."

A spokesman for the council said: "Chief executive Peter Carney is responding to representations from the Chief Constable and complaints after last year's event from residents about the number of caravans on the site giving rise to traffic and noise issues.

"He is asking the council to make an order prohibiting a trespassory assembly on the land for the event, following a request from the Chief Constable. This is aimed at preventing large numbers of protesters attending the event, and follows the order that was made last year. He is also asking the council to apply for an injunction to prevent caravans entering the site."

The matter was discused by Amber Valley Borough Council on Wednesday, July 22, in private.

Article from the Ripley And Heanor News

Liverpool Crown Court Judge On Immigration

How long will Judge Ian Trigger keep his job? This is the question being asked in legal circles after the Liverpool Crown Court judge dared to tell the truth about the great immigration swindle.

Sentencing a Jamaican drug dealer to two years imprisonment, the senior judge declared that hundreds of thousands of migrants poured into Britain merely for the benefit system handouts and this had helped to double the national debt.

Judge Trigger made the remarks while addressing Rastafarian Lucien McClearley, who had claimed asylum in Britain.

“Your case illustrates all too clearly the completely lax immigration policy that exists and has existed over recent years,” Judge Trigger said.

“People like you, and there are literally hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people like you, come to these shores to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefits that exist here.

“In the past ten years the national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights, largely because central Government has wasted billions of pounds. Much of that has been wasted on welfare payments.

“For every £1 that the decent citizen, who is hard-working, pays in taxes, nearly ten percent goes on servicing that national debt. That is twice the amount it was in 1997 when this Government came to power.”

The accused arrived legally in Britain in November 2001 on a visitor’s visa. He was arrested in October 2002 after it ran out but claimed asylum and was released while this was being processed.

He then “disappeared from the radar of the authorities” the court heard. His application was rejected in 2004 but he was only arrested this February after police stopped a car he was driving and noticed it smelled of cannabis.

A search of his house in Everton uncovered cannabis worth £7,200, a gram of cocaine and a fake passport.

Judge Trigger, who is also a part-time immigration judge, told him that the “fact that it took nearly two years to process your claim shows how desperate the situation in this country has become.”

Article from the BNP website


Ban on Union Flag badges lifted

The ban on police officers wearing the Union Flag has been lifted.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Scotland Yard had banned their officers from wearing the badge as it caused offence.

The £1 badge helps to raise cash for the British Legion and the Help for Heroes charity

It looks like finally someone has seen sense. Or is it because a large portion of policemen stood their ground and wore it anyway?

Soldiers on their way home

It's been six years since Sadam Hussein was toppled from his tyranical rule. One hundred and seventy nine of our soldiers lives lost.

For what?

To be sent home with their tails between their legs.

The radical cleric Moqtadr al Sadr ordered his followers out of a debate in protest at the ongoing presence of foreign troops; troops that have been working round the clock to get his country back on it's feet.

When is our government going to wake up and realise that we are not wanted in their countries?

When is our government going to bring our troops home and defend OUR country from the growing threat of invasion from the very same people?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do'

I love watching Simon Tofield's animation.

You can find his youtube channel here

It appears the American government is as crazy as the British government.

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The British Patriot launches its online store

The British Patriot launches it's new online store this Friday. Here is their mission statement:

The Mission of The British Patriot is to become Our Country's leading supplier of Patriotic Products for the patriots of all nationalist parties and people within the United Kingdom.

The British Patriot Website was created to provide Party Activists with the tools and equipment to do their duty to their country
on the streets and to show their pride in Our Country by a visual display of support in badges, logos and motifs.

All products sold will be resourced within the United Kingdom, unless they are no longer manufactured in Our Country because
of the destruction of our home grown industries by the political parties that have betrayed the British People.

The British Patriot pledges to deliver the highest quality goods available
for the most competitive price possible
and within the shortest time possible.

Support the Resistance - Become a British Patriot

Click on the the British Patriot banner to take you directly to the store


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Secret Patio Tax

Just when you thought our ridiculous government couldn’t hit you with anything else, along comes yet another stealth tax.

Of course it will be the rich and middle classes that will be the worst affected. Anyone with a scenic view, a conservatory, a garage or even a balcony can be expected to pay out up to an extra £600.

Shadow Local Government Secretary Caroline Spelman said: “Only Labour would think of taxing people for looking out of their own windows”. She got that right.

Labour have secretly assessed houses and will implement the tax after the next election. I don’t know why they bothered because they won’t be in government after the next election.

Medicinal purposes only... honestly!

No wonder we have so much MRSA, CDif and swine flu spreading through our hospitals. Muslims won’t use alcohol-based hand gels because they say it is against their religion.

It's not as if they are going to drink it, is it?

Having said that I hear that Islamic teachings do allow Muslims to use alcohol for medicinal purposes.

And what 'medicinal purposes' would that be then? I can't think of any.

Read the full story here

I came across extranormal today and found it hilarious.

It says if you can type you can type you can make movies.

I haven't created this video, a friend has. Oh yes, if you are easily offended, don't watch it. It's quite vulgar lol


BNPfail Accounts

This BNPfail really is a nasty piece of work

Friday, 24 July 2009

SOP - Save Our Pub

Here is a copy of an email sent to me today. If you enjoy a pint or two in your local please follow the links and make your voice heard.

With 50 pubs now closing every week across Britain as a result of the recession and record tax rises, landlords are now facing a further threat to their livelihoods under Government plans to impose a new costly and bureaucratic "mandatory code".

Home Office Ministers say the code is needed to tackle anti-social disorder. But, as ever, it is the decent, responsible majority that will have to pay for it. The cost to the British pub industry of implementing these new regulations would be an estimated £58 million in the first year and £38 million in subsequent years - costs that will hit landlords and consumers alike.

While one or two parts of the code may be sensible in themselves - stopping bars and pubs holding irresponsible promotions like "all you can drink for a tenner", for instance - using the law in this way is like using a hammer to crack a nut. It is yet further evidence of the nanny state going too far not least because local councils and the police have the powers they need to tackle alcohol-related disorder already.

Pubs provide a good environment to be able to supervise and control drinking and encourage responsible behavior - and the vast majority of pubs work closely with local police and councils to tackle anti-social behavior where it occurs. So hitting pubs with more and more costs only helps to undermine the best solution to the problem of excessive drinking.

The Home Office is now asking the public for its views on its plans as part of its "consultation process". So the good news is that you, the responsible majority of decent, law-abiding consumers and landlords concerned about the future of the Great British Pub, do have an opportunity to make your views heard by Government Ministers.

We are therefore asking that you click here to answer the questions posed by the Government in the way that we think will best minimise the cost to British pubs and stop the present record pub closure rate getting even worse.

But hurry, you have to get your response to the Home Office by Wednesday 5th August for it to be considered.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support in helping us oppose threats to a great British institution.

Click Here to Make Your Opinion Heard

You can read the full Home Office consultation document by clicking here.


YouTube HATE Channels

Anti-BNP propaganda takes many forms. The hypocrisy of those who criticise the BNP must be tackled head-on to expose flimsy reasoning, sheer prejudice and undisguised hate.

BNPtv reports on the online Community Facilities YouTube and Google Video, which are being used to propagate lies and misinformation.

Courtesy of bnptv


Thursday, 23 July 2009


If you like a laugh then here's a good one for you. It's bloody brilliant! lmfao

More of the same please, BritsOnTheStreet.


Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Miss England 2009 Rip-Off

Miss England 2009, Rachel Christie

I have a couple of questions...

How is it possible for someone to win the miss England Beauty Pageant with only 9 votes?

The 'winner', Rachael Christie came 49th out of 54 candidates once the phone line count was in, yet fellow finalist, Zoiey Smale got 2,013.

So, tell me how they can justify charging phone voters a pound a throw and then the judges deciding the winner between themselves?

Answers on a postcard to:

PO BOX 190,

What Islam Fears... Laughter!

I wanted to take a break from depressing stories and decided to trawl through my YouTube account for something funny to share. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

In fact, this guy is so pathetic that inbetween bouts of uncontrollable laughter you may just end up feeling sorry for him lmao

The video focuses around muslim baadshah143 who says he can prove the after life and offer us a glimpse into the painful doom of the non believers.

He also states that a new study shows Darwin became a muslim later in life. He had influences from his grandfather who studied the works of Ibn Arabi (a muslim scientist) who first came up with the idea of evolution.

The Shajara Code Decoded - Darwin Died a Muslim

He is quoting from Bukhari, Volume 2, book 23

If you can watch this video without laughing I'll want to know why.

Tackling Knives Action Programme - FAILURE

Reports on the news today say that Jaquie Smith's multimillion pound 'Tackling Knives Action Programme' has failed as yet another youngster is stabbed to death.

Vernon Croaker, Schools Minister defends the 'Tackling Knives Action Programme' by saying:

'if we look at the overall numbers of knife related violence, we see that down by 17%, and if you actually look at the number of murders in that age group (under 20's) rather than all ages the number of murders are stable there and there are good signs that that will improve as we move forward'

What does he mean 'stable'? Millions of pounds have been wasted on a project that obviously doesn't work.

If we look at the facts, we see that in the year following the start of the tackling knives action programme, the number of over twenties killed went up by 7%, from 96 - 103.

In the under twenties, youngsters killed by a knife or sharp object did not change, despite the operation in ten areas.

Between July 2007 and March 2008, twenty three knife related deaths occured.

Between July 2008 and March 2009, twenty three under 20's were killed.

In London knife crime was down from 754 in last three months of 2007 compared with 657 in last three months of 2008, but in the Thames Valley, Nottingham and Greater Manchester, knife crime rose.

The scheme is set to be taken up by six other police forces and will focus on 13 -24 year olds

More money wasted on stupid projects!


A 13 year old girl has been arrested in Croydon, South london, after police find sub-machine gun in her wardrobe.

Scam weddings

'Bride in handcuffs'

Criminal gangs in Manchester and Bradford have been raking in up to £15,000 a time for setting up illegal marriages that allow immigrants to stay in Great Britain.

Slovakian brides and Nigerian grooms were arrested in a swoop on two homes yesterday. Four men from Nigeria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic were also arrested in connection with the scam, while a further six Nigerian men were detained on suspicion of suspected immigration offences.

Full story here


The Infiltrator

An article by the Green Arrow

Do not let the Red Wolf win - expose him - destroy him

Right, before we start, a warning on how to read this article.

You are nationalists, you are a bit, if not considerably brighter than most of the other light bulbs in the room and so you should understand the following and where I am coming from.

Now, most of us are open, honest people and are not familiar with the dirty game that politics is.

Not can be, but is. So be aware of that fact. If you are an activist of any nationalist party you are now involved in sadly a dirty game that only our victory can make clean.

I have written about Carpet Baggers and I have warned you about Facebook, Forums and Chat Rooms. Now it is time to talk about the dirtiest scum of all - The Infiltrator. Unless of course he is one of "ours" in which case "The Infiltrator" is an hero.

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not traitor, he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared." - Cicero, 42 B.C.

Now the following information is a mix of my own experiences and those of a kinsman well versed in the purpose of methods of "The Enemy Within".

An infiltrator has one aim and that is to break a group down, he will usually start at the bottom of a group and befriend those he sees as the vulnerable?

He watches the ones that sing ,the ones that talk the friendly ones, the bottom of the pack. All the time he watches and listens.

Once this stage is completed, the infiltrator is half way there.

He becomes good friends at first with lower cards in order to get amongst the Jacks, Kings and Queens.

After his honeymoon period he will start asking questions, because he has got trust from the minor league players and will move up a level once he has got half way up the pack.

At this stage the aim is to break down the minnows, the ones at the bottom that he first befriended.

This is done by rumours and back stabbing and the infiltrator will always go for the ones less educated, the ones he thinks are the most susceptible to his poison. Usually the most important soldiers of any army. The poor bloody infantry(PBI) - the activists who always leaflet, always there on the streets. Always loyal, open and honest and usually blind to how politics operate.

Once the infiltrator has slotted in with the top pack he will always come out with new ideas, usually to break traditions and proven methods and to make the small players turn against each other. He becomes the office manager that no one likes, always giving orders and forcing the foot soldiers to fade away and leave.

Once at the Top Level, The Infiltrator's job is done he switches to brainwash mode, he has gained a position of trust and by his split level decision making he will convince most of the top pack he is right when making bad deliberate decisions because he is articulate, determined and persuasive and could probably sell sand to the Arabs. The guy is good at his job - destruction.

Once in this position the infiltrator becomes disliked by a lot of the Kings and Queens and the Ace is isolated and blind to what is happening and left wondering: "What the fuck is going on. What has gone wrong?"

The Infiltrator has done his job, he has almost single handedly, destroyed a once successful organisation and their moral. And as there are no longer the activists on the ground, the foot soldiers, the ones that deliver,the ones that tell it to the people, the organisation withers and dies.

The Infiltrator will then fade away, going back to the enemy with the knowledge he has took the organisation back years. It has lost its customs, its traditions, its trust and poisoned its roots, making it hard to win back its core business giving the enemy the upper hand for a good few years and so the cycle repeats. But this time, there will no be no more turn of the wheel. The end game is almost upon us.

Infiltration has been around for centuries be it in business,religion or politics. On this road be cautious be careful and always sniff out the bad guy from day one, because if you do not, your walls will come tumbling down and your organisation will fail and this time we have no time to win the people lost back. We must not let them be lost in the first place.

Now, I realise writing this article, is that the profile of The Infiltrator has a person, could match my personality. I would probably make a good infiltrator were it not that I do not believe in fighting under a flag I do not believe in. Doubt me. Question me. Question all those you doubt.

Now, I do not want or mean to set brother on brother or sister on brother, etc and I do not want you to become paranoid but look, listen and question descions that you think are wrong.

Remember this. You are a True Brit. A Nationalist. You are not a sheep nor are you a puppet whose strings are to pulled by others. You can be led but you cannot be driven. You are a Patriot who wishes to be free - always act like one and be true to yourself and your proven kinsmen.


Hundreds of immigrants most of whom barely speak English and have no medical skills, are being recruited to man emergency swine flu lines. They will diagnose swine flu and enable patients to gain access to Tamiflu.

Job centres say they can’t supply the 1,500 needed because there aren’t enough people on their books that have telephone manning skills. So, Telepeformance, a call centre in Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicester, who usually deals with electricity accounts, has been recruiting immigrants at £5.80 and hour.

A source said:

"A lot of immigrants, hundreds of them, are applying who can hardly talk any English but because we’re desperate to find a lot of people in such a short amount of time we’re taking them on.

As long as they can provide proof of their date of birth, they can get through the recruitment process. When I speak to them on the phone they can barely understand what I’m saying and even those who can speak English are very difficult to understand.

It seems we’re just going to recruit as many as possible to reach the target of 1,500 before the end of this week.

They are literally recruiting people straight off the street. We usually deal with electricity accounts here, but we were told that the NHS required people to man phones during the swine flu crisis and were asked if we knew anyone who is interested.

It’s an absolute joke. It can be anyone. They are asked to come in for just one day’s training. But the people they are asking are desperate for work so, of course, they will take it."

What the hell is the Department of Health thinking? As usual all they can see is the numbers target and they are playing a very dangerous game.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Flagpole vandalism an insult to our heroes

Article from Wales Online

A ROYAL British Legion flagpole has been felled and its Union Jack flag stolen in what officials fear could be a revenge attack over the war in Afghanistan.

Five hooded vandals waited until the bar steward locked up and left for the night before spending 15 minutes sawing down the 12ft metal pole at the Legion in Rumney, Cardiff.

The plinth beneath the flagpole, which flew the Union flag, reads: “In memory of all those who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom. We will remember them for evermore. RIP.”

Club secretary Fred Brewis, 65, said: “It’s disgusting. With our troops abroad, these bloody imbeciles decided to hack down our quite substantial flagpole. I’m appalled.”

British legion member Lindsay John, 86, who served in the North Irish Horse Regiment during World War II, said the culprits were “bloody idiots with no respect for the servicemen who made the supreme sacrifice”.

The attack happened at 1.30am on Sunday after the Legion steward secured the property at the top of Rumney Hill for the evening after the bar shut.

CCTV footage from a camera focused on the entrance and flagpole shows five hooded figures surround the pole and lower the Union flag.

The flag is bundled up, thrown on the lawn and kicked aside. It later vanished.

One figure then climbs on the plinth and spends the next 15 minutes toppling the pole with what appears to be a hacksaw.

The vandal can be seen making a sawing motion before he and others flee towards Rumney Hill.

Club officials discovered the damage and a smashed ground- floor window on Sunday morning.

Mr Brewis, from Pentre, Rhondda, said: “They used cutters of some sort, you can see because the break is clean. The fact they came with hoods and spent 15 minutes doing it shows this wasn’t some random act of vandalism.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, particularly in view of what’s going on in Afghanistan.”

Officials believe the attack could be linked to a recent incident when two men visited the Legion asking the flag to be lowered to half mast, apparently in memory of Afghan children killed in the war which started in October 2001. Members refused and the pair went away.

But Mr Brewis, who has been secretary for seven years, believed the refusal could have sparked a revenge attack.

He branded the vandalism “an insult to all our members and all of those who have died”.

He added: “We’ve had vandalism before, but nothing to this extent. This is diabolical.

“They’ve come here and deliberately cut it down. I don’t think there’s any argument, this is some form of political statement.”

Mum-of-three Sarah Watts, whose 29-year-old brother Glen has just returned from fighting in Afghanistan with the 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh, feared the attack was symbolic. Her other brother Matt, 24, is still serving there.

Sarah, 27, of Llangynwyd, near Maesteg, said: “It’s a terrible insult to all the troops who fight and give their lives for this country.

“These soldiers are doing their jobs and should be recognised and praised. But some people have no respect.”

Susan Evans’ son Corporal Anthony Cotty, 30, serves with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers in Afghanistan.

Susan 54, of Llanrumney, Cardiff said: “I can’t believe this, it’s disgusting, they have no respect.

“These yobs don’t give other people or their families a second thought.

“They’re idiots.”

A Royal British Legion spokeswoman said it was thought to be the first such attack on a Legion club in the UK.

A South Wales Police spokeswoman confirmed an incident of criminal damage was reported at 10.45am on Sunday and said officers were due to attend the club to view CCTV footage.

She appealed for anyone with information to call 029 2022 2211, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Swine Flu Vaccine Danger

In 1976, within 24 hours of 19-year-old Pvt. David Lewis of Ashley Falls, Mass., telling his drill instructor at Fort Dix that he felt tired and weak but not sick enough to see military medics or skip a big training hike, he was dead, killed by an influenza not seen since the plague of 1918-19.

Two weeks later, health officials told
America that swine flu had killed him and four of Pvt. Lewis fellow soldiers were hospitalised. Government doctors knew that 500 soldiers had contracted swine but but weren't ill. They deduced that any virus that could spread so fast was capable of becoming a worldwide plague.

Pvt lewis was the only person to die from swine flu although hundreds died or were seriously injured following swine flu innoculation.

And now on to today

The new vaccine will be untested and could potentially be extremely dangerous. Especially to our young children.

Do you really want to put your lives in the hands of those who want to force this injection on you? I don't. They'll have to drag me kicking and screaming to inject me!

1976 Swine Flu Adverts


Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

Horses Killed by Fluoride in Water

Monday, 20 July 2009

Police announce conditions for protests at the RWB

Taken from the Derbyshire Constabulary website

Derbyshire Constabulary, in conjunction with Amber Valley Borough Council, has invoked sections of the Public Order Act 1986 to assist with the policing of protests at the weekend.

The British National Party is staging the Red, White and Blue event at a site on Codnor-Denby Lane on Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 15th, 16th and 17th 2008.

A number of groups indicated their plans to stage a protest in response to the event on Saturday August 16th 2008.

After talks with police and the local authority this has been agreed to but with certain safeguards.

As part of this process the police and council have invoked a number of sections of the Public Order Act to help prevent serious disorder, serious damage to property and serious disruption to the local community.

Section 12 of the act has been used to impose conditions on the public procession, which will take place between Codnor Market Place and Codnor Denby Lane.

Organisers have indicated that the protestors will set off from the Market Place at 11:45am. They will follow a route along the A6007 Heanor Road, Codnor to its junction with Codnor Denby Lane where the procession will halt.

Section 14 of the act has been used to provide a designated protest point for legitimate and peaceful protest for up to 30 people between 1pm and 4pm adjacent to the site of the event.

The remainder of the procession will then return to Codnor Market Place for speeches before dispersing.

The procession will be marshalled and accompanied by police officers.

Section 14 of the act has also been utilised to identify Codnor Market Place as a designated area for public assembly prior to and following the procession between 9am and 5pm for a maximum of 700 people.

Finally section 14a of the act has been invoked to prevent trespassory assemblies around the area known as The Bungalow in Codnor Denby Lane and the adjacent lands to an area that does not exceed a radius of five miles.

This part of the act prevents anyone trespassing on private land because of police fears that there may be disruption to the event and cause disruption to the community.

All the legislation has been used to prevent serious public disorder, damage to property and serious disruption to the life of the community.

All the orders run from 9am Friday August 15th to 4pm Sunday August 17th 2008. Anyone not abiding by the legislation may be liable to arrest.

Assistant Chief Constable Peter Goodman said: "We are trying to find a balance between allowing legitimate protest and maintaining public safety and minimising inconvenience to people who live or work in the affected area.

"We hope that people will abide by the law and enjoy the opportunity of voicing their opinions in safety."

Police Stress

Figures released by the Freedom of Information Act show that police officers in Derbyshire have had more than 4,500 days of work with stress-related illness between April 2008 and March 2009.

That equates to 22 years at a cost of £500,000.

After having a night on the town I can see why!

*WARNING* Flouride and Aspartame

video by JustProud1


* A recent scientific American study "Concluded that fluoride can subtly alter endocrine function, especially in the thyroid -- the gland that produces hormones regulating growth and metabolism."

* The report also notes that "a series of epidemiological studies in China have associated high fluoride exposures with lower IQ."

* Epidemiological studies and tests on lab animals suggest that high fluoride exposure increases the risk of bone fracture, especially in vulnerable populations such as the elderly and diabetics,"

* In 2005, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Dental Health found that fluoride in tap water directly contributes to causing bone cancer in young boys. Boys exposed to fluoride between the ages of five and 10 will suffer an increased rate of osteosarcoma - bone cancer.

* An August 2006 Chinese study found that fluoride in drinking water damages children's liver and kidney functions.

* The Soviets openly admitted to "Using the fluoride in the water supplies in their concentration camps, to make the prisoners stupid, docile, and subservient."

* The first occurrence of fluoridated drinking water on Earth was found in Germany's Nazi prison camps. The Gestapo had little concern about fluoride's supposed effect on children's teeth; their alleged reason for mass-medicating water with sodium fluoride was to sterilize humans and force the people in their concentration camps into calm submission.

BBC article on Plans for fluoride 'in all water' in England:


* Aspartame was not approved until 1981, in dry foods. For over eight years the FDA refused to approve it because of the seizures and brain tumors this drug produced in lab animals.

Read the article "Aspartame... the BAD news"


Facebook, Forums & Chat Rooms

UAF Conference 2008

Good day BNP. Just a quick post now on Facebook, Forums and chat rooms. You either love them or hate them. Either way, we have to recognize the fact that they are all very important tools in spreading the truth that is the British National Party, given that The Establishment controlled media will never let us do that.

By the very fact that all real Nationalists or at least the ones I know are decent, honest, open people they sometimes wrongly assume that the people they meet in these places are the same as them. And whilst it is true that many are, there are some who are not.

All the Police Forces in the country have designated people whose sole job is to infiltrate the above sites, monitor them, befriend people and try and gather information about what is happening in the nationalist world. They want to know about meetings, they want to know about individuals and they want to see the reactions they make when they post inflamatory or offensive statements.

Also present are the agents of Searchlight and the UAF. And the aims of these people are two fold. To infiltrate and undermine the nationalist movement and to post either racist, homophobic or other offensive remarks that can then be cut n pasted into their red shite sites, point to them and say look at what the evil BNP are saying.

Now some of these police operatives and red filth have been undercover for a long periods of time. Some of them will even be members and activists within nationalist movements and they are the really dangerous ones who are difficult to uncover.

Now think about some of the statements you have seen made on Facebook or in Chatrooms and Forums. They are offensive and some obscene. Ask yourself this.

Would a real nationalist write such rubbish knowing that it would most certainly picked up by both the police and reds and then used against the nationalist party they support?

Of course not. Remember that in Facebook, Forums and Chat rooms, not everybody is who they say they are, so never write anything that can be used against you or the party in the future.

Do not give information away and treat all those "friends" you make in those places with the deepest suspicion unless you have met them personally and been voched for by known patriots.

Take statements that the new guys says he is a good friend of so and so with a pinch of salt. Very often this is not the case.

Take statements that they live in an area with no real BNP activity so they leaflet on their own as another warning they may not be right.

So bottom line is this. If you see someone proposing or supporting criminal action, then they are most certainly not nationalists. See someone using words like "niggers", "faggots", etc and they are not real nationalists either. Because regardless of what they say, they are helping hold back the True British People in taking back Our Country.

If you are in the British National Party and you have members, especially new members expressing statements that could damage the party, then pass the information onto your Organiser or Regional Organiser. That is not snitching on a comdrade, that is defending your party and country.

Here endeth the lesson on something that should really be blindingly obvious.

If you need me I will be in the unoffical BNP chat room here where we can discuss this.

Article by the Green Arrow

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Total blackout as violence hits France

In the same way our government keep all reports of violence by enrichers out of our newspapers and off our tv's other countries in Europe have the same problem.

In France, on 13th-14th July, 500 vehicles were burned. Although that news reached the people, the French Interior Minister has ordered a blackout on crime statistics from 14th – 15th July. As reporters and journalists tried to get information from the firemen or police they were met by a brick wall., being told:

"We cannot say anything about the fires. We have received orders."

The reality is that enrichers, faces covered by scarves, set out to cause havoc. In Marseilles and Evry, fires raged, including a day-care centre which was partially burned along with the cypress trees bordering it. Fires were set in four corners of a neighbourhood as molotov cocktails set alight cars in one and dustbins in another. As marine helicopters were trying to put out the fires, police were ambushed and attacked with firecrackers, missiles and bullets.

We need to get the news out to people. They need to know exactly what is happening in their countries so they can do something about it.

Full story here

Thanks to Bertie for the heads-up


Freedom Of The Borough Colchester

Video by 1kewldude2

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The 10th Annual Red, White & Blue

Cowardly Anti-BNP scum leave their mark

Anti-BNP groups have started organising against this years Red White and Blue festival. They are holding regular meetings to consider how they are going to stop the festival from taking place and to arrange their protest plans.

The TUC's policy and campaigns officer in the East Midlands, Alan Weaver, said: “We'd like the people in the festival to know they are not welcome in Derbyshire and we reject their politics.”

I’m sorry Mr. Weaver, but who the hell are you to dictate who should or shouldn’t come into the county? What about those of us that live in Derbyshire? We are supposed to be living in a democratic country and we have every right to attend our party’s yearly festival.

Their ‘peaceful’ protest last year resulted in 33 arrests, all of which were anti-BNP. Not one spot of bother from the BNP festival goers. Even though the thugs threw rocks at police and tried blocking off the entrance road into the RWB site with tyres, NONE of those arrested were charged.

Why not? Because the ‘protesters’ are funded by the government and the unions. They are hardly going to charge their own bootboys with affray when they are only doing their job, are they?

The picture you see above is of site owner Alan Warner’s wall. It looks like the scum have already started their ‘protest’. Mr Warner has been subject to abuse since he first allowed the RWB to be held on his land. Hardly peaceful protesting is it? Apart from having his walls daubed with paint and locks glued together he has also received death threats.

Now onto the good stuff

The BNP festival is a weekend of family fun and a celebration of all things British. It will be taking place on the 14th, 15th & 16th August. This year will be extra special. Not only is it the festival’s 10th anniversary, but the party have recently gained 2 seat in the European Parliament. It’s going to be a biggy!

Hope to see you there.


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