Saturday, 9 May 2009

Liars, Buggers and Thieves Inc.

While the whole of Britain is reeling from the failure of the banking system and the Liebour induced recession, while WE struggle to keep our heads above water and are losing our businesses and our homes, our politicians are sucking us dry.

So, in the wake of the scandalous revelations of the current corrupt governments misuse of our hard earned taxes, here is a small selection of some of those under investigation:
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Douglas Alexander: spent more than £30,000 doing up his constituency home – which then suffered damage in a house fire.

Margaret Beckett: £600 claim for hanging baskets and pot plants

Hazel Blears: claims for three different properties in a year

Gordon Brown: house swap let PM claim thousands

Andy Burnham: had an eight-month battle with the fees office after making a single expenses claim for more than £16,500

Alistair Darling: stamp duty paid by public

Caroline Flint: claimed £14,000 for fees for new flat

Geoff Hoon: established a property empire worth £1.7 million after claiming taxpayer-funded

expenses for at least two properties

Lord Mandelson: questions over timing of his house claim

David Miliband: spending challenged by his gardener

Paul Murphy: had a new plumbing system installed at taxpayers’ expense because the water in the old one was “too hot”

John Prescott: two lavatory seats in two years

Jack Straw: only paid half the amount of council tax that he claimed back on his parliamentary allowances over four years

Shaun Woodward: millionaire minister received £100,000 to help pay mortgage

Phil Hope spent more than £10,000 in one year refurbishing a small London flat

Keith Vaz claimed £75,500 for a second flat near Parliament even though he already lived just 12 miles from Westminster

Michael Martin used taxpayers' money to pay for chauffeur-driven cars to his local job centre and Celtic's football ground

Vera Baird tried to claim the cost of Christmas tree decorations

Greg Barker made a £320,000 profit selling a flat the taxpayer had helped pay for

Margaret Moran switched the address of her second home, allowing her to claim £22,500 to fix a dry rot problem

Ben Bradshaw used his allowance to pay the mortgage interest on a flat he owned jointly with his boyfriend

Phil Woolas submitted receipts including comics, nappies and women's clothing as part of his claims

Barbara Follett used £25,000 of taxpayers' money to pay for private security patrols at her home
More to follow...

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