Saturday, 3 July 2010

Murray Out / Capello In

I was born in England to a family that I have traced back hundreds of years. I class myself as English first and British second. It is not my fault that someone decided to roll four countries into one union, but as many English people know, we are hated for it.

Even so, if, for example, either Wales, Scotland or Ireland were in a football match such as the World Cup and England weren’t, I would support them.

I have one exception only, Scotland’s Andy Murray.

In 2006, Murray caused uproar when he was quoted as saying he would ‘support anyone but England’ in the World Cup. He later released a statement saying it was said in jest, but he still received large amounts of hate mail to his website.

Not only did Murray fail (again) in his bid to win this year’s Wimbledon, he lost in style; three straight sets to Rafael Nadal. As is customary with mardy tennis players, he smashed his racquet into the net in temper.

In true Murray form he hung his head and made excuses when being interviewed by Sky News. He struggled to look at the camera and resembled a child sulking after losing his favourite dinky toy.

Hard luck, Murray, but thanks for the laugh. You have made my day after a truly miserable World Cup.

And now for something different...

It appears the FA are to let Fabio Capello carry on as England manager despite the team's miserable World Cup performance. It would cost the FA £12million to get rid of him.

I have a suggestion, why don’t they find an ENGLISH manager for the ENGLISH team.

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