Saturday, 10 July 2010

Muslim protest in Derby

Today was the 3rd Derby Gay Pride festival and according to gaypedia it is a street festival followed by a street parade of gays and lesbians, the theme being ‘Pride not Prejudice’.

Derby has a large muslim community and up to 2,000 people attend Friday prayers at the Jamia Mosque on Normanton road.

Posters advertising a protest against the festival were seen in the Normanton Road area of Derby earlier on in the week. The posters urged muslims to demonstrate against the Derby Gay Pride festival as ‘gays are un-islamic’.

Around a dozen muslims gathered outside St Peters Church, some with megaphones and ‘chanting in a foreign language’ according to my source who was in the area.

A woman stood in front of them waving a placard that said ‘Live and let live’ and trying to argue her point along with a couple of men. The muslims just drowned them out with megaphones.

A group of 30-40 shoppers stood around trying to see what was happening before walking off in disgust, either shaking their heads or calling the muslim group scum.

Police took photos of the group of muslims and eventually escorted them off towards the spot.

Hat tip to thebear

Footnote: I wonder what the muslims mates, the UAF, think to their actions today...
Picture is of gays hung by muslims

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