Monday, 9 May 2011

Derby Council Tries to Dupe Candidates into Signing “Equality Contracts”

The letter below was sent to all our candidates in the Amber Valley one week before election day. The “Derby Racial Equality Council” is another taxpayer-funded quango set up to harass the indigenous people of our Nation and is just another string to the bow of the forces amassed against us.

The contract urged all council candidates to sign it to “demonstrate [candidates’] commitment to serving Derbyshire [sic] diverse communities”.

The threat implied in this outrageous letter was that they were going to publish the replies they got and send all the details to the local and national media. What an outrageous thing – to ask a candidate to sign up to what in effect is a contract to promote multiculturalism if elected.

We advised our candidates to reply that they where standing for election to promote the rights of the indigenous population and not to promote the failed multicultural experiment forced on our people by groups such as the Derby Racial Equality Council.

This is just another example of the forces and the finances arrayed against our candidates and is a timely reminder just why we stand by our principles against such people and such organisations.

Clive Jefferson

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