Thursday, 24 June 2010

England in final 16 of World Cup 2010

I’ve always believed that when England play against a rubbish side it drags them down to the same level. Watching the first three matches of the 2010 World Cup confirms this and the match against Algeria was painful to watch. The England team were booed off the pitch and rightly so; they were atrocious.

England finally managed to win their last Group C game with a 1-0 victory against Slovenia which takes them through to stage two, and just take a look who they have drawn to play on Sunday... Germany.

While scanning through today’s online newspapers I see that Germany’s Franz Beckenbauer has been mocking England by saying they are ‘stupid’ for not winning their group. I think he needs to check his own team before opening his big fat mouth.

Admittedly Germany came top of Group D, but he fails to mention how Serbia, who came bottom of the group, beat Germany 1-0. How stupid is that?

However, England haven't (as yet) lost a match.

I sincerely hope England thrash the pants off Germany and I will be cheering them on by watching the match on a huge screen in my favourite local bar surrounded by many, many, equally patriotic friends.

While we are on the subject of England, it is interesting to see how many people are flying their Saint George Cross during the World Cup. They are everywhere and it is wonderful to see, but I have a question, two in fact...

Why don’t people fly the flag all year round instead of just for football?

And why the hell don’t they iron their flags before they fly them?

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