Saturday, 12 June 2010

Muslims desecrate Barking war memorial

Muslims Against Crusades activists have plastered Barking war memorial with their hateful rubbish, while over on their website they say:

In the midst of this severe trial that has befallen the Muslim Ummah, the British government has recently made way for a vile parade in Barking & Dagenham on 15th June 2010, to honour the death squads that have serve in Afghanistan; the very same soldiers who fired the bullets and laid the bombs that made children orphans and mothers widows in a single moments of sadistic range are now being honoured these crimes.

O Muslims! Indeed the Crusades were never over; Allah (SWT) says in the Qur’an, [EMQ 2:210] “The Jews and the Christians will never be happy with you until you follow their way of life.”

We call you to rise and condemn this sickening parade and let the British government know, that we as Muslim will never tolerate for a single Crusader solider to be honoured whilst we are alive, and that we will continue to struggle to make the Deen of Allah (SWT) the highest until it dominates all over the world.

WHY do they come here and try to turn our beautiful country into a replica of the cesspit they came from?

WHY isn't the government doing something about these scumbags?

WHY aren't they being charged with racial hatred, charged and DEPORTED?

I sincerely hope they get the reception they deserve...

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