Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The £18,000 council job you can't apply for if you are white

A council has been accused of discrimination after white people were barred from applying for two £18,000-a-year jobs.

Bristol City has created the management training posts for graduates in an effort to recruit more minority employees.

As a result the council will only accept applications from ethnic minorities for the two-year placements.

But this has prompted criticism from white graduates struggling to find work.

One jobseeker, who did not wish to be named, described the posts as 'totally racist'.

He said: 'I am a tolerant white person who has lived in Bristol for 27 years.

'I am searching for a job and stumbled across a job advertisement on Bristol City Council's website that I see as totally racist.

'I feel the job would be an excellent opportunity for me to make use of the skills and qualifications that I have acquired but, being white, I am excluded.

'Equal opportunities means giving everyone an equal chance to succeed rather than discriminating against people because of the colour of their skin.'

The two jobs are described on BCC's website as 'open to black and minority ethnic graduates' only, with applications closing on June 11.

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