Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Soldiers Off The Street

A new organization has been set up to help ex-service personnel who have been affected by homelessness.

The organisation’s website, Soldiers off the Street, is crying out for volunteers to help those courageous people who have found themselves on our streets.

An estimated 12% of homeless people are ex-service personnel.

Here are a few ways in which you can help…

Collecting clothes so we can hand them out to ex service personnel living on the streets.

If you have a spare room in your home why not consider letting it to one of these unfortunate heroes so that they can work their way into a normal life.

If you rent out properties please consider letting to these unfortunate heroes so that they can work their way into a normal life.

Once of the street they have a lot more opportunities to lead a normal life; living on the streets what chance do they have of even getting a job.

Letting a room or a property to our homeless ex service personnel does not end there, we need dedicated people that will help them back into normal society as some of them will be suffering other problems that they will need help with.

We will need volunteers that can act as a go between to try reuniting ex service personnel back into their own families. This would be the best way to go but it would be up to the homeless person we are dealing with at the time.

Volunteers to keep an eye out and speak to homeless people, and if they are ex service personnel let us know where they are.

Fundraisers of any description.

People to arrange parcels and send them on to our main office to distribute to ex service personnel on the street.

Once soldiers off the street has grown, we will need van drivers willing to go out distributing clothes, food and parcels on the streets.

If you think you can help in anyway other then what we have stated please call or e-mail us:

Soldiers Off the Street
21A Chester Street,
LL13 8BG.

Tel: 01745 853 009.

Mobile: 07773 493 088.


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