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Those of you who know me know I am snowed under with work, so for the time being I will be adding relevant news articles to my blog. I just haven't the time at the moment to write articles.

Todays first is about our school teachers. They have been brainwashed by our government to be non-patriotic and to hate anything British. As the government realise the British people have had enough of being treated as second class citizens they are trying to reverse their teachings in the hope of holding on to office. They haven't a hope in hell.

Take a look at the following article and see just how good their brainwashing of our teachers has been...

Three-quarters of teachers in Britain's schools believe they should warn pupils about the dangers of patriotism - which some regard as a form of 'brainwashing', researchers have found.

A nationwide study found the majority of teachers felt they should not be promoting the subject at all in the classroom, with some preferring to instruct their pupils in the benefits of 'universal brotherhood'.

And even those who felt positively about patriotism felt the need to qualify and tone down their support, stressing that they disliked 'jingoistic flag-waving'.

Curriculum controversy: Many teachers claim to feel uncomfortable promoting patriotism

The findings are a blow for the Government after Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke out in favour of encouraging pupils to be patriotic, calling for 'Britishness' lessons to be part of the curriculum.

The study by the Institute of Education at the University of London surveyed teachers and pupils at 20 secondary schools, and found 74 per cent believed it was their duty to point out the danger of patriotic sentiments

'Praising patriotism excludes non-British pupils,' one teacher told researchers.

'Patriotism about being British divides groups along racial lines, when we aim to bring pupils to an understanding of what makes us the same.'

Other responses included:

  • 'We shouldn't be promoting patriotism. We should be promoting universal brotherhood.'
  • 'I think we should identify as humans.'
  • 'I don't think you should be grooming children to be patriotic. That's as bad as telling everyone that they've got to be a certain religion - I am not going to brainwash anyone.'

While two-thirds of teachers claimed they encouraged discussion of patriotism in their classrooms, more than half of pupils said patriotism was never discussed at school.

In their report, Dr Joanne Pearce and Dr Michael Hand argue much of history and politics is incomprehensible without understanding of the power of patriotic sentiment.

They told the Times Educational Supplement: 'Schools have a responsibility to ensure that students not only understand the phenomenon of patriotism, but are equipped to make reasoned judgments about the place it should occupy in their own emotional lives.'

British author Frederick Forsyth said teachers should promote 'quiet pride' amongst students

Novelist and commentator Frederick Forsyth said: 'I wish these teachers would see that patriotism in the sense of that quiet pride is nothing to be afraid of. It's not aggressive. It doesn't put down foreigners. It doesn't noisily wave flags and it certainly doesn't swerve towards the BNP.'

There's nothing wrong with the BNP. It's about time time more people realised what we British are up against and did something about it.

Get over to the British National Party website and join true patriots in the struggle against our failing nation. or should that have read 'falling'?

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