Monday, 17 January 2011

Foreign Aid Propaganda Machine


Have you ever wondered how foreign aid is distributed?

In the last days of the Labour government, the Global Community Links (GLC) scheme was formed. As part of the Department for International Development (DfID), the only department untouched by budget cuts, it encourages organisations such as schools, charities and churches to apply for money in order to raise awareness of third world countries.

In other words, millions of pounds of your money destined for poor countries is actually being used as a propaganda machine right here in Great Britain.

Here are a few examples of where those millions have gone:

'Celebrating diversity: Voices from Africa.' A conference in Cambridge planned for later this month featuring an Afo-Cuban dance gala.
Cost: £8,015

Fairtrade coffee mornings in Huddersfield to promote links with tea and coffee producers in Kenya
Cost: £9,460

A DVD and poster exhibition in Reading about epilepsy in Sierra Leone.
Cost: £8,985

Plymouth Ghana Link: A week of activities in Plymouth including musical performances from Ghana, a workshop about malaria and links between schools.
Cost: £10,000

Team Kenya: A twinning project between Kenya and Newcastle Upon Tyne to promote awareness of climate change.
Cost: £10,000

A video and conference about a twinning project between Yorkshire Dales village Burley and African village Mali.
Cost: £9,550

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