Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Why isn't there an appeal for the Australian floods?

At least 22 people are feared dead and nearly a hundred more missing as Australia faces it's worse case of flooding since 1974.

Flash flooding hurled millions of gallons of water, tsunami-like, down Queensland's Lockyer valley taking cars and houses along with it.

So, when I went into the British Resistance PalTalk room this morning and one of our Australian friends was in there I asked him to give me his account of the disaster.

He told me 30,000 people have to be evacuated by 4am (Australian time) today.

He gave an account of a mother and her two young children swept away in a car near a motel and of how a couple of people tried to help but they couldn't get to them.

He also spoke of a mother and her young son stranded on the top of a car surrounded by water and logs, and once again, people couldn't reach them.

His argument is that if there had been troops and helicopters they could have been saved.

'Brickie' is angry and it's understandable. There are around 4,000 Australian troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, yet the Australian Prime Minister (Labour) is only promising 150 army personnel and maybe 2 or 3 helicopters.

What use is 150 army personnel and 2 or 3 helicopters when there are 30,000 people to evacuate and rescue? Certainly the police can't cope as they are stretched to the limit. Added to that was there was no mention of sending any doctors.

Recently Australia gave Indonesia 500million dollars and sent planes and helicopters to rescue Indonesia's people. Why isn't the Australian government (Labour) doing the same for their own people?

Our government is doing nothing to help either. While we give millions in aid to other countries David Cameron says Australia doesn't need any help!

America is giving Australia 1 million dollars, New Zealand a further 1 million dollars.

The UK? NOTHING. That's right, a big fat zero.

This is a monumental disaster, so where are the television appeals? I haven't seen one. Not one!

If I find any links to donate to our Australian cousins I will be updating this article. After all, many of us have family over there.

UPDATE 13:31 - Finally the news is reporting on the floods but guess what... it was followed by the Haiti disaster. Just for comparison of course.

While they showed the Australians moving their things out while they can, they showed the aftermath of the earthquake and the camps in Haiti.

There is no comparison. The haitians have always lived in shanty towns and never had anything, whereas the Australians had it all and are losing it all. That in my book makes it worse for the Australians. And yes, I know a hell of a lot more people were killed in Haiti, but that's because of the density of the population.

While on this subject I would like to know what has happened to the billions of pounds that was pumped into Haiti, a country that is under 27,750 sq kilometres in size. Why is the earthquake area still covered in rubble and why are the people still living in tents a whole year after the event? With that amount of money they should all be living in mansions by now.

According to reports gang rape is now rife in Haiti. Do I expect to hear reports of gang rape in Australia? Of course not, because Australia is a more civilised country.

The media put these two reports back-to-back to justify lack of support to Australia from our government.

They make me sick.

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