Saturday, 15 January 2011

Mark ‘Stone’ Kennedy – cop turned anarchist

Mark Kennedy

I’ve been reading the news about Mark Kennedy, the policeman turned anti-fascist since the story broke and as soon as I saw a picture of him I knew I’d seen him before, so I did some digging; as you do.

According to reports, Kennedy, whose undercover name was Mark Stone, was enlisted as an undercover eco-cop that relayed ‘critical intelligence’ to his superiors every ten days.

For six years, between 2003 and 2009, Kennedy travelled to 22 countries meeting anarchist leaders on a wage of £50,000 per year, all at the tax-payers expense. After abusing  his position and bedding many anarchists, his bosses did some undercover work of their own and Kennedy was sacked. Instead of giving evidence against the anarchists he has now joined their ranks and is a witness for their defence.

After only a few minutes digging, I found a picture of Kennedy outside Ripley Town Council offices amongst a group protesting against the British National Party’s application to hold the annual Red White and Blue festival, held in Codnor/Denby in 2009.

I think ‘anti’-fascists should be afraid, very afraid indeed, as he will not be the only one infiltrating them; just as I suspect the British National Party, EDL and other such groups are also infiltrated.

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