Sunday, 27 February 2011

Are the British People Finally Awakening?

I bet Nick Lowles, John Cruddas and the rest of the loony left are quaking in their boots after the revelations of their latest report.

‘Fear and Hope – the New Politics of Identity’, available for viewing from 9pm tomorrow night (Monday 28th February) and is the latest brainwave of the Searchlight/Labour hit squad, was filled in by 5,054 people across Britain to register their views on race, identity, nationhood and extremism.

According to Lowles’ report, ‘a new politics of identity, culture, and nation has grown out of the politics of race and immigration, and is increasingly the opinion driver in modern British politics’.

With 52% of the population leaning to the right, this is scaring the life out of Lowles and his cronies.

Of course, as usual, Lowles talks about the ‘decline’ of the British National Party and how political violence is strongly opposed by the vast majority of the population.

But who is spreading that violence?

How about the UAF for a start and the unions? All backed by the LibLabCon.

How about the millions of immigrants previous and present governments have shipped into ‘Great’ Britain from countries that haven’t the values we have?

How about homegrown muslim youth pushing for a 6th century political ideology onto a 21st century country?

Whilstever the sheeple keep listening and believing the likes of Lowles and voting in the LibLabCon instead of checking out the real facts about parties like the British National Party then we are very shortly going to have civil war.

The British National Party is not just about immigration and race as the likes of Lowles wouold have you believe. Go check the manifesto for yourself HERE

You will be able to view the report HERE

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