Monday, 7 March 2011

EDL March Against Muslim Paedophiles in Rochdale - Sunday 06/03/2011

500 members of the English Defence League gathered in Rochdale yesterday facing opposition from only 100 lefties and muslim youth.

The reason? muslim grooming of young white girls. Here is the official promo which is a must see.

As the muslim population grows in this country, I’d like to know what the government will do when we have a situation like we are seeing in Egypt, Algiers etc, because at the rate they are breeding it won’t be very long before we have our very own civil war.

The video above shows muslim youth screaming the usual ‘allahu akbar’. You could be forgiven for thinking England is an Islamic country, after all, the chief of police is muslim, the heads of council are muslim, even the mayor is muslim!

It is time to stand up for what you believe in and beat this invasion down.

Thanks to melanoma321 for uploading the footage.

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