Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The British National Party General Members Meeting Report

GMM 26th June, 2011

It was so good to see our great leader Nick Griffin in fine form at the British National Party General Members Meeting held at St Helen’s Merseyside on 26th June, 2011.

Despite the protests promised by the ‘loony left’ there were only the party faithful who turned up in force to ratify the constitutional amendments to the party rules. These changes will actually make the party leader more accountable to the members thus becoming more democratic.

Several people who were unable to attend the meeting allowed Mr Griffin and other party officials to vote on their behalf by proxy and their wishes were faithfully carried out, in defiance of the few who may have initially sought to disrupt proceedings. It is obvious how much the membership in general trust Mr Griffin by allowing him to vote on their behalf in such large numbers particularly on such important issues and changes.

Whilst some debates may have been a little heated at times, everything was eventually settled in an amicable manner and quelled all hopes by outside forces that a break-up within the party was imminent. At the end of the meeting many apologised and all shook hands as the party united behind our leader to fight for the Nationalist cause.

There will be a leadership challenge for the party chairman within the next month and dates around the country will be arranged for hustings to take place so that all members may question the candidates before eventually casting their vote.

In conclusion, the changes were all agreed and this can only be described as a good thing. Admiration must be given to Nick Griffin for all the time and effort he put into drafting these proposals for the meeting to debate. I am very pleased to report that he was justly rewarded for his efforts by all his proposals being overwhelmingly passed.

As soon as the leadership election is over, we can then concentrate on the important job of increasing membership and fighting the war against Islam and the EU in the hope we can save our country before it is too late.

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