Saturday, 13 August 2011

Derbyshire activists complete leafleting session despite being detained by PC police

Five Derbyshire British National Party activists carried out a successful leafleting session in the town of Ripley yesterday despite being detained Britain’s Stasi-like PC police force and accused of ‘inciting racial hatred’ for delivering leaflets that tell the truth about the riots.

One of the arrested men, Derbyshire sub-regional organiser Paul Hilliard, reports on the incident:

'Five of us went to Ripley town centre yesterday to distribute the Britain Stripped of All Dignity leaflets, an anti-riot leaflet that calls for action to restore order and save lives, which the public warmly welcomed.

'Things were going very well, with us handing out around 500 to 600 leaflets in around an hour or so, when PCSO Becky Davis came along to look at our leaflets after receiving just two complaints regarding all of the leaflets distributed.

'There was a question mark over the use of two words, ‘black gangs’. I was astonished to find we were being questioned about telling the truth, a truth the public already knew about regardless of the attempts from the media to cover up the race of the gangs involved in the riots.

'Within minutes, there were three police officers asking us to accompany them to the station for questioning about the leaflet. I told them we were not breaking the law by using facts, but the police said that we were ‘inciting racial hatred’ so we could either go with them voluntarily or we could be arrested.

'We were then detained for around an hour while the police looked over the leaflet and made phone calls for advice on the issue. PC Reddish, who took us in for questioning and was in charge at the time, came to me as the spokesman for the team to say that the police didn’t really know what to do with the leaflet and had to send it for further investigation but were prepared to let us go provided we leave our literature at the station so we can’t deliver any more.

'I politely refused to do so because, by leaving the literature, we would be admitting guilt of wrongdoing, which we deny. I also told PC Reddish that we would discontinue distributing these leaflets until our legal team checked the legalities of the wording used, and, if we are in the right, then we will be back to carry on distributing these leaflets at another date.

'PC Reddish was happy for me to take our literature away with us and let us go without charge on the basis we stop delivering them. Before our team and I left the station, I told the police that we were going back to the spot where they took us from to carry on so we could show the public we have done no wrong and will not be driven out of the town by PC bullying. We continued campaigning with the ReferendumNOW petition, which also went down very well with the public, from whom we collected a good number of petition signatures.

'The police were polite, pleasant and made us all a cuppa, but I feel their time is being wasted by political correctness, which again seems to hide criminal facts from the public – which is half of the problem in this country.'

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