Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Latest Police Harrassment Police Raid Home of Derby Organiser

Police today launched a dawn raid on the home of Derby British National Party Organiser Paul Hilliard, arresting him at 5.30 in the morning.

The explanation for the arrest? On Sunday an argument broke out in Paul’s street between two of his neighbours and a black woman living in the area who is notoriously troublesome and loud-mouthed. Paul went out to calm things down and persuaded his English neighbours to go back inside.

paulThe woman was still shouting on the street when Paul left his house to begin his leafleting session. His neighbours emerged again, and Paul advised them to avoid the woman and go back inside. Paul then met up with his leafleting team and continued about his business, thinking nothing further of the incident – that is until police raided the family home at 5.30 in the morning!

Paul’s wife was informed that Paul would only be held for an hour or so. When she called the police station at 11.30, they confessed that they had still not even begun interviewing Paul.

“It’s an outrage,” says Nick Griffin,
who is now in constant correspondence with Paul’s wife and key officials in the area. “It’s obvious too that this 'incident' is being used as an excuse. Paul and his team are very active in Derby, and the city is tense following the fatal stabbing of a notorious black drug dealer, Johnny Assani,
by a gang of Muslims at the weekend."

This arrest is the latest in a campaign of harassment against British National Party activists launched by police in the wake of the riots and looting that has shamed Britain and exposed the gross inadequacy of the politically correct police in dealing with this crime epidemic.

“We obviously have sympathy with the police as they struggle with the difficulties involved in keeping the peace in a city that has been turned into a multi-cultural powder keg by the policies of successive Labour and Conservative governments. But they do not have the right to abuse their power in an attempt to silence legitimate and peaceful criticism of those multi-cultural policies by the activist of a completely legal political party.
Such police-state tactics are an attack not only on the British National Party but on the entire democratic process for which generations of our bravest and best fought
and died.”

The British National Party will fight political police harassment!

Show your support for Paul Hilliard – Call the cusody suite at St Mary's Wharf, in the centre of Derby, now, and politely
vent your disgust.

Call 0345 123 3333

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