Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Reporter witnesses racial attacks in UK

UK Reporter Patrick Henningson joins Alex Jones with his eyewitness account of racial riots, beatings, carjackings, lootings and more in London.

While the riots now spreading across London started in many cases along racial lines, most of the looting has fanned out into a flash response from the underclass to lash out against business and snatch-and-grab consumerist goods. At the same time, UK reporter Patrick Henningson was among those who witnessed the brutal violence being carried out on the streets. While he was barricaded inside a local pub, he saw racial beatings carried out by groups of what he described as Afro-Caribbean black youths targeting whites. Meanwhile, the authorities in London are preparing to implement a martial law crackdown on the riots, putting in place greater restrictions on liberties as a preplanned "response."

Henningson reports routinely for his website 21st Century Wire, Russia Today, and many other outlets.

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