Saturday, 30 July 2011

ReferendumNOW in Derby

The government promised the people of Great Britain a referendum on our inclusion in the European Union, but so far this hasn't happened. With Cameron signing away more and more of our money and with European law taking precedance over our own law it is time to make a stand.

Derby and Amber Valley British National Party activists were out and about in Derby city centre today collecting signatures for the ReferendumNOW campaign.

At one point half a dozen UAF students, complete with ridiculous haircuts, some dyed the usual communist red, turned up to cause disruption. It didn't last long. With microphone in hand, the Amber Valley organiser, Debra Purdy, out cried them all.

The people of Derby turned on the UAF telling them to 'go get a wash', 'go get a job' and 'no wonder you can't get a job looking like that' and after only 15 minutes the great unwashed slunk back to their rooms for a consolatory joint or five.

388 members of the public signed the petition in the 3 hours the activists were there.

Well done BNP. The people have had enough and are starting to realise what is really going on in our country instead of listening to multiculturists and Labour's indoctrinated children.

If you would like to sign the petition from the comfort of your armchair you can do so HERE

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