Thursday, 11 June 2009

One In The Eye To The Opposers

I woke up this morning three hours later than usual, feeling tired and drained; the last few weeks have taken their toll. I shuffled zombie-like into the lounge, turned on my laptop and scanned the weekly, local rags. What I saw made me smile. In fact I laughed out loud so hard, the neighbours must have wondered what on earth was going on.

We all know Mr Alan Walker, the owner of the fields where, for that past couple of years, The Red, White & Blue Festival is held.

Mr Walker has been on the receiving end of (anti) fascist activity since he first agreed to let the festival take place. His property has been vandalised by mindless morons on many occasions; his walls daubed with paint and his locks glued to name just a few. So, to see the article in the Ripley & Heanor News this morning was a breath of fresh air.

Mr Warner is considering selling his land and move on to pastures new. But, Mr Warner isn’t considering selling up to just anyone. He has been made a serious offer by a travelling community who want to turn it into a permanent site. In fact he has stated that he may look to go down that route himself and apply for permission.

I sit here drinking my coffee wondering how the local residents will take it. A few of them have certainly been loud and clear with their objections to the RWB. How are they going to take this news?

Well done, Mr Warner!

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