Tuesday, 9 June 2009

UAF's Martin Smith - Nutter!

The lies from the uaf never end


Durotrigan said...

I have to work with colleagues who think like this UAF thug. The way in which they give vent to a visceral hatred when speaking about the BNP is deeply alarming, and I have to be very, very careful about what I say. Could Brown et al be orchestrating these moronic myrmidons with a view to invoking the Civil Contingencies Act and suspending democracy? It'd be the only way that he'd be able to cling to power beyond next year. A somewhat far-fetched scenario of course, but we do live in extraordinary times.

Man Of The Woods said...


I recall watching a video recently about an attack during the elections in India.

Communist supporters opened fire on innocent civilians who were casting votes for their chosen parties. One of those injured was a pregnant woman, hit in the abdomen - her unborn child was killed.

I see the UAF becoming like these murderers.

Red Squirrel said...

I agree. How DARE they call me a 'Hitler Supporter' because that is what typifies their mindset, not that of a BNP supporter! They tell outright lies, and it disgusts me.

Lantern said...

Can't someone in the media challenge these twats on their fantasy of the "The BNP supports Adolf Hitler". This guy is a heavy duty paranoid.

oggie said...

This man needs locking up for the publics safety. What a deranged man.

sentientbeing said...

Anyone who does their polo shirt up to the neck must be a complete twat...
I am surprised that he was allowed, as a representative of UAF airtime given his dismal (Weyman Bennett standard) attempt to blacken our name.
Maybe we have a secret admirer amongst the researchers...Hehehehe.

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