Wednesday, 24 June 2009

'Rewrite British history to reflect other cultures’

According to the black Labour ‘politician’ Trevor Phillips, ‘parts of British history need to be rewritten to emphasise the roles played by other races and religions like Muslims’, adding that ‘the history of Britain did not properly reflect the contribution of other cultures’.

What bloody contribution except for an overloaded Britain, terrorist attacks, sky high knife crime, rape, gun crime, robbery, drug abuse, prostitution, child grooming, hate preaching, paedophilia…?

Apparently we should rewrite history beginning with the story of how the Muslim Turks held up the Spanish Armada (1588) so the English ships were better prepared.

I’m pretty damn sure Sir Francis Drake and Elizabeth 1st are turning in their graves.

And there’s more. He goes on to say, "Let’s rewrite that (history), so we have an ideal that brings us together so that it can bind us together in stormy times ahead in the next century."

Mr Phillips, the chairman of the new Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, also supports musician Billy Bragg’s campaign for the writing of a new constitution which will define what it means to be British in the 21st century.

A foreigner in our land should abide by our rules and regulations. They should respect our culture and embrace the country that is giving them a better life. Importing hundreds of thousands from third world countries is a recipe for disaster. They bring with them their backward ideologies and have no intention of integrating.

It wasn’t so long ago that Trevor Phillips said that multiculturalism could end up causing segregation. Now he wants to celebrate this mish-mash of different religions and cultures by changing our history to accommodate them. What made him change his mind? I wonder…

A word in Mr Phillips ear… Multiculturalism does NOT work. While we keep letting people onto our soil, in particular Muslims, while we keep bowing down to their demands, multiculturalism will never work.

We like our history the way it is.


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