Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Savage Asian Dog Fighting On Our Soil

As an animal lover, I am always horrified to hear of animal cruelty. As if there are not enough cases of it, we now have Asian crime gangs not only involved in guns and drugs but fighting dogs.

Old-fashioned dog fighting, although thoroughly distasteful and illegal, meant the dogs weighed the same, thus ensuring a fair fight. Asian dog fighting is a different story. The dogs are deliberately mismatched meaning a far bloodier battle.

Mike Butcher, chief inspector of special operations at the RSPCA, said: “The most serious injuries I’ve seen have been from fights run by this community. You get whole faces ripped off, bottom jaws missing, eyes out, legs broken. The dogs might just be left to fight to the death.

In Pakistan, dog fighting is still legal and the bully kutta is the favoured breed. Here in Great Britain pitbulls are imported from Croatia. Up to £20,000 is wagered on a single fight, and in the last two years, 60 British-born Asians were jailed for dog fighting.

In November 2008 Liaquat Ali, 40, from Accrington, Lancashire, was jailed for six months when he became the first person prosecuted under tougher laws banning organised dog fights.

In October 2007 seven Birmingham men were imprisoned for organising one of the bloodiest and longest dog fights ever. Two animals died after suffering 124 separate injuries while fighting for hours in a makeshift pit in a kitchen showroom in Alum Rock, Birmingham.

What I find hypocritical about this group of cowards is that they are Muslims. Their ‘religion’ tells them dogs are unclean. However, they don’t mind using them for protection when drug dealing or using them as fighting machines for sick entertainment.

With multicultural diversity comes savagery and this is a prime example.


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