Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Brighton - Antifascists attack police at English National Alliance march

Injured antifascist

A clash between police and an anti-fascism group protesting against a march by the English Nationalist Alliance left two officers injured and resulted in 14 arrests today.

The Unite Against Fascism group took to the streets of Brighton, East Sussex, to protest against the march held by the far-right ENA, but ended up pelting police with missiles.

A Sussex Police spokesman said that the 250 protesters and marchers were kept apart by police but members of the UAF clashed with police.

A total of 14 arrests were made for public order offences, assault and to prevent a breach of the peace.

Two police officers sustained minor injuries and received medical attention.

One protester also received injuries, for which they received treatment and for which two people have been arrested, the spokesman said.

The spokesman added: 'Using powers authorised by the chief constable, police attempted to ensure that both protests took place in a safe location but close enough to one another to enable them to make their points peacefully.

'Unfortunately a small group from the counter-demonstration resisted this and threw missiles at the police. At no time did either group have the opportunity to physically confront one another, the only disorder being directed towards the police.'

Chief Superintendent Graham Bartlett added: 'The right to peaceful protest is an important part of Brighton and Hove life.

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