Tuesday, 31 August 2010

UAF humiliated in Brighton

Talk about laughing your socks off, I was taking my daily trawl across the internet universe when I came upon some wonderful pictures of the UAF 'humiliating' the English National Alliance in Brighton, NOT!.

Here's a taster...

"This UAF mug, decked out in hoodie and scarf across his face, obviously left the student digs this morning with the express intention of attacking people and having a day of mayhem and getting away with it, tried to attack some lads for the crime of wearing “casual” clobber. These lads werent even connected to the ENA demo and didnt like being accosted by scarfed up vermin and dished him up a knuckle sandwich. His day of mayhem ended in the Infirmary, LMFAO"
Now go take a look. You will wet yourself...

Click here --- >“Fascist” ENA “humiliated” in Brighton – My arse

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