Sunday, 1 August 2010

Immigration and Terrorism in Great Britain

It’s surprising how much you miss when you are away. I’ve only been away for 10 days and on returning I checked the papers to see what’s been happening.

Oh boy!

We have reports of the UK’s immigration growth being out of control, overtaking the rest of Europe, and predictions of migrants driving our population up to nearly 80 million within 40 years time.

Four out of ten houses built to cope with the rise in population already house migrants and it is estimated that over the next 25 years, 25 MILLION extra homes will have to be built.

There are the Eastern Europeans; the Polish, Lithuanians, Romanians and travellers, bringing with them even more crime, drug, prostitution and child trafficking.

While travellers are allowed to illegally camp, one man, who lives next to one such campsite, has had planning permission denied for 13 years and is on the road to losing his livelihood. And yet a legal camp that cost the taxpayer half a million pounds has virtually been unused for ten years.

Then we have Pakistani terrorists sending parcel bombs to No10 and MI6, while other suspects are queuing up for compensation for breaches in their human rights.


And then of course there are ‘vicars’ carrying out scam marriages so illegal immigrants can stay here, and not forgetting ‘virginity repair’, some at the tax payer’s expense, for muslim women who don’t want their future husband’s and relatives to know she’s not a virgin.

No, that would never do, would it? I mean, if there is no blood on the sheets on her wedding night she’s in big trouble, isn’t she? She’d probably be found dead somewhere, unless she’s gone ‘missing’, with her throat cut and acid thrown in her face. There’s no stonings here, not just yet anyway, but it’s only a matter of time.

But mark my words, it WILL come. There are already no-go areas for white British people in our own country and thanks to Cameron, it looks like Turkey will be joining the EU. That’s 70 million more muslims able to flood Britain.

We have an aging population you see, but not Turkey, they have a very young population and guess where they are going to head to, to spread their vile ideology and clog up our welfare and national health system.

You’ve got it. They’ll come here, because Britain is a soft touch. Not only that, they know if islam conquer Britain it can conquer anywhere.

I would like to know, I would REALLY like to know, why the people of Britain vote for the likes of Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour. They are intent on destroying Britain and her people.

And while they sit in Westminster it is US that bear the burden...

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