Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Man faces prison on false racism charge

Opposers of groups such as the British National Party and EDL try many ways to discredit their members. Below you will see one of them. The following is a true account of what has happened to someone who was going about his own business when some scumbag letterbox woman decided she was going to lie through said letterbox and get someone in trouble for no reason whatsoever...

I was out shopping with my partner and child when I was accused of calling an Indian woman a nigger she says I shouted down the aisle “you fucking nigger”. Why would I or anyone call an Asian a negro?

There was a witness who daren't help who heard this woman say “there's that BNP 'bitch' she won't be BNP when I've finished with her” (directed at my partner) she went to security and reported this. A couple of days later I was arrested for a race hate crime.

I was interviewed for a few hours and let go without charge, twice. I was sent for a photograph ID parade and she picked me out which was obvious to me as she has targeted me and my family to blacken my partners name to stop her fighting in future elections. I wasn't charged until my partner made a statement saying she's stood as a candidate for the BNP on a number of occasions. This is how this woman knows of us and has targeted us.

The police officer came the next day and told us the CPS has charged me and even admitted there's no evidence whatsoever. It went to magistrate’s court and I had to fight for a fair trial. It was my choice to take it to crown court for a trial.

I have been fighting this for nearly a year now and it has caused me and my family a lot of stress. We have requested the CCTV from the Tesco’s and it is excellent quality. At no time does it show me near the woman I was supposed to have shouted “you fucking nigger” down the aisle at, which was full of shoppers, and she has no witnesses. No evidence nothing, just her lying word against mine and Cheryl’s word.

The barrister I've been using has decided to help someone else the day of court and I was given two total strangers. The barrister is even a judge at that court. He's told me I'm almost guaranteed to be found guilty and should expect to get 18 months to two years in prison.

I have said nothing to this woman never even notice her. How can they charge me, never mind sentence me for these fabricated lies. I have fought against our movement and establishment for the last three years with banners, BNP stalls, arranging events, meetings, fund-raising etc and even organised the most candidates BNP have ever stood in Hartlepool this year. I’ve also exposed labours chairman of the council, Carl Richardson, and the lovely belcher councillors.

These are the instigators behind this set up along with Teeside UAF; funded, supported and members of the above crooks.

If those in charge want to get you they will. They will disregard any evidence just so they can lock you up, purely because you won’t toe their line.

Our day will come...

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