Thursday, 11 November 2010

Armistice Day Commemorations disrupted by muslims

Today, while millions of British people stopped what they were doing and held a two minute silence for our fallen soldiers, Anjem Choudary’s muslim scum screamed ‘British soldiers burn in hell’.

While people in Trafalgar Square threw poppies into the fountain, Anjem Choudary’s muslim scum burned a model of a poppy near Hyde Park.

Carrying the Islamic flag and holding the usual ‘Islam will dominate’ banners, Choudary’s group were protected by the police from the EDL counter-protest.

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I want to know why Choudary and his scumbag crew are protected by our police force. Why don’t they just let normal, decent people get their hands on them and give them a damn good kicking. Let’s see how long they’d last.

I also want to know why Choudary and his scumbag crew aren’t thrown in jail for incitement. If any of us stood in the street preaching hatred we would be arrested, charged and you can better your bottom dollar we would end up in prison.

I don’t want prison for scum like Choudary; why should we pay for scum to live in comfort with a Playstation, TV, pool table and four square meals a day when we have plenty of our own people living in poverty? I want hanging brought back.

I want to see each and every one of those who come to our country, scrounge off our system, don’t respect our way of life and bring their 7th century barbaric ways with them, hang from the nearest tree.

And guess what; there are a lot of people out there who think exactly the same way as I do.

The time has come to stop pandering to these monsters and do something about them.

As a final thought, WHERE WERE THE STUDENTS? Probably in bed either hung over or off their faces on drugs. They are quite happy to smash up the Millbank Tower over their tuition fees but can’t be arsed to get out of bed to confront SCUM who hate our country and sponge off the system while dragging us back to the dark ages! No, they’d rather join them like we see time and time again whenever they protest against the BNP or EDL.


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