Saturday, 27 November 2010

Irresponsible parents and their brats

I awoke up this morning at 6:45, looked out the window and was faced with over six inches of snow. My first thought was how beautiful it looked and reminded me of how winters used to be when I was a youngster. So much for ‘global warming’. My next thought was ‘oh God, everyone will be panic buying as if world war 3 will be starting tomorrow. I need to go shopping RIGHT NOW before the mad rush’.

It was a bit of a struggle as no one had broken the snow and it was up to a foot deep in places, but I got there, grabbed the bread and a few other bits and bobs and waded back home.

It was during my potato waffle, bacon and egg breakfast smothered in daddies brown sauce that I decided to call my parents to let them know I would be over to clear the snow from their pathways within the hour.

After donning my wellies and harnessing my youngest dog (a one year old, tall Staffordshire Bull terrier that walks brilliantly on the harness and never pulls), I stepped out into the snow to walk the ¾ mile journey to my parents. My youngest dog is one of the sweetest animals you could ever come across. I bred him myself, he just never got sold so I kept him.

About a couple of hundred yards from my house a young woman was walking towards me. She was speaking on her mobile while her child was running round like an idiot. All of a sudden the child ran up and threw a snowball into my dogs face. My dog went nuts. The woman told me I should have my dog muzzled; I told her she should keep control of her child and with a mouth like hers SHE should be the one that was muzzled. She told me I shouldn’t be taking my dog where children are; I told her we were on a public road with my dog on a lead whereas it should be her child that was on a lead.

It is people like her that give our dogs a bad name. What would have happened if I wasn’t a responsible owner and my dog was off the lead? If my dog had bit that brat MY DOG would have been put down. This woman couldn’t see that it is HER actions in not teaching HER CHILD to respect other animals that is the problem today.

Until people learn that it is THEIR ACTIONS that cause the majority of dog attacks and not the breed, we will see more and more horror stories in the news.

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