Wednesday, 10 November 2010

What country was this taken in?

Take a look at the video below and see if you can guess which City and Country it was taken in.

It is London and it was taken just a few days ago by a brave British National Party supporter using a concealed camera. I would not have given much for his chances were he to have attempted to film it openly, the enrichers do not like people outside of their colonisation areas knowing just how fast they they are spreading.

The video was actually taken just five minutes away from Aldgate Tube Station, where in 2005 the crazed moslem Shehzad Tanweer exploded a bomb on a Circle Line train and murdered seven commuters and injured many more.

So for all you people who live out of town, take a good look at what Whitechapel, the heart of the East End really looks like and then compare the ethnic make up to the people shown on Eastenders and take a look at the stalls in the video - you will not see one white stall owner.

Wake up you people in the sticks, because if you do not these people are spreading quicker than a virus and they only ever spread outwards - towards your part of Our Invaded Land. Fight back and join the BNP.

I believe that this video is more powerful than the one taken of Wembley by the Wales BNP camera crew that led the way in showing to the rest of our country just how far colonisation has gone.

Green Arrow on the British Resistance

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