Saturday, 13 November 2010

Are Southampton's children being poisoned with fluoride?

It has come to light that over 20% of children in Southampton are showing signs of rickets.

Rickets is a softening and weakening of the bones and is associated with a lack of vitamin D which is naturally absorbed by the body through sunlight and various foods such as fish, meat, dairy and vegetables.

Rickets has been virtually nonexistent in Britain for a number of years so what could have caused it to rear its ugly head again?

The government would have you believe it is poor diet and lack of sunlight that is to blame, but those of us who have researched the effects of fluoride believe the answer is in their drinking water. But fluoride is not only found in our drinking water, it is also a component of virtually everything we eat and drink from formulated baby milk and processed foods through to beer and wines.

Fortunately rickets is easily treated by correcting levels of calcium and phosphates, but that doesn’t stop the afflicted suffering bone and muscle pain and weakness, dental and skeletal deformities.

Of course the government would never admit that poisoning our water with fluoride could be the problem, but don’t you think is strange that these figures come to light following the Judicial Review on the Southampton fluoridation decision by South Central Strategic Health Authority?

It is known that fluoride causes diseases such as rickets. In 2007 it was reported that children in Yemeni saw a vast increase in children with rickets after fluoride was added to their drinking water, and in human clinical trials it was found that:

"[F]luoride therapy is not considered to be a therapeutic agent for bone in part because of its side effects of high incorporation of fluoride ion in bone and the associated osteomalacia." *

I recently received an email from West Midlands Against Fluoride. I would like you to take a look at their website as there is also an East Midlands section. You can check if your area’s water is fluoridated and the site has all the information you need should you feel the need to contact your MP.

If more of us stand together and show the government we do not want to be force medicated with this poison then they will have to listen.

*SOURCE: Lau KH, et al. (2002). Bone cell mitogenic action of fluoroaluminate and aluminum fluoride but not that of sodium fluoride involves upregulation of the insulin-like growth factor system. Bone 30: 705–711

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