Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Biggest case ever of muslim paedophile child abuse found in Derby

Five muslim men from Derby have been convicted of systematically grooming and sexually abusing teenage white girls. 26 girls game forward, the youngest just 12, saying the men gave them alcohol and drugs before forcing them to have sex in cars, rented houses and hotels. One of the girls is reported to have been forced to have sex with eight men.

Muslim paedophile child abuse discovered in Derby has been described as 'the biggest ever case investigated', but the BBC have failed to report it. Maybe they think it is 'not in the public's interest' or more likely the political elite just don't want normal people to know. After all, it will spoil their perception of the wonderful multicultural society they keep telling us they have created, when in fact it is a multicultural hell-hole.

The British National Party has been classed as racist fear-mongers for reporting on cases like this, but finally some cases are beginning to filter through, proving muslim grooming of our white children is fact and not fiction.

Update: A total of 75 charges were brought against 13 local men.

Abid Saddique, 27, from Normanton, Derby, was convicted of four rapes, two false imprisonment charges, aiding and abetting rape, three counts of sexual activity with a child, two sexual assaults, being involved with child pornography and attempting to pervert the course of justice. An additional rape charge was ordered to lie on the file when the jury could not reach a verdict. He will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court in January.

Unemployed Mohammed Liaqat, 28, of Sinfin, Derby, was convicted of rape, aiding and abetting rape, being involved with child pornography, two sexual assaults, four counts of sexual activity with a child, and affray. He too will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court in January.

Akshay Kumar, 38, Faisal Mehmood, 24, Mohamed Imran Rehman, 26, Ziafat Yasin, 31, and Graham Blackham, 26 - a convicted sex offender who was the only non-Asian member of the gang to face a judge - have already been jailed after being convicted of a string of sex or drug offences.

Liaqat’s brother, Naweed, 33, and Farooq Amed, 28, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and were both jailed for 18 months.

Convictions were achieved in relation to 15 of the 26 victims across the three trials.

Saddique and Liaqat will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court in January.

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