Thursday, 28 April 2011


The news is full of tomorrow’s big event; the marriage of our future king, Prince William, to beautiful ‘commoner’ Kate Middleton.

The vast majority will be out celebrating and many people from all over the world have already taken their positions along the streets of London in anticipation of tomorrow’s big day.

I will be spending the day celebrating with my family and friends and I can’t wait.

Of course wedding’s more a woman thing. The men will be drinking, cracking jokes and playing pranks, while the women sit and discuss what Kate’s dress will look like and what colour hat Her Majesty the Queen will be wearing.

There will be food galore and the raising of many glasses during the course of the day and I suspect it will carry on well into the night.

So, before I retire for an early night – I have a very busy early morning ahead of me - I would just like to say...


May you live long, happy and healthy lives and bear many children.

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