Wednesday, 20 April 2011

British National Party Organiser Arrested for Defending Christian Rights

British National Party National Organiser Adam Walker was arrested today outside the offices of Wakefield District Housing for registering a complaint about the company’s persecution of employee Colin Atkinson for displaying a small Christian cross in his work van.

Mr Walker was one of several British National Party activists who turned up to hand in the letter. After the letter was delivered, a heavy police presence of more than a dozen officers descended on the car park outside of the building.

The police asked Mr Walker to remove his vehicle from the entrance to the building, claiming it was blocking the way.

Mr Walker complied and drove into the car park. He parked outside the building in a space without any road markings or double-yellow lines.

The police then issued him with a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt while driving in the private car park.

Adam refused to give his name when asked for it. The police then issued him a ticket without a name on it and stuck it on the windscreen of his car.

Adam removed the ticket from his car and was then told by police that he would be prosecuted for littering.

The police then opened Adam’s car door, turned off his ignition and removed his car keys. They pulled him out of his seat, told him he was under arrest and handcuffed him.

While being led away, Mr Walker said the arrest was “fascism in its utmost form”.

He was bundled into the back of a police van and driven to the local police station, where he was held for some time.

Mr Walker said he and the British National Party’s legal team will be disputing the case as it took place on private and not public property.

Speaking to our News Team after his release from the police station, Mr Walker commented that it was great to see taxpayers’ money being put to such important use.

The letter was submitted in protest of Wakefield and District Housing’s prosecution of 64-year-old electrician Colin Atkinson, who was thrown out of his workplace for displaying a crucifix in his van to mark Easter.

Mr Atkinson was later told he had “violated” his contract by revealing he had been disciplined for having the symbol on the dashboard of his company van.

Mr Atkinson has said the he fears he will be sacked within days.

Video footage of the arrest can be seen HERE

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