Saturday, 2 April 2011

EDL Demo - Blackburn 2nd April 2011

The English Defense League are demonstarting in Blackburn today.

Here are the details:

All coaches and minibuses are to exit junction 4 of the M65 and rendezvous at the lorry park area on the service area at junction 4 from 9:30am to no later than 12:00pm. You will be taken immediately to the public houses, Lancashire constabulary have informed me their will not be any waiting around.

From the public houses your coaches will be parked up in the area the march will end for you to conveniently access them at the end of the demonstration.

All arriving by train are to arrive at Blackburn train station from 9:30am and no later than 12:00pm. At Blackburn train station you will be shuttled by coaches provided by the police to the public houses. Here again their will be no waiting around. At the end of the demo you will be shuttled back to the train station, and the police have organised extra trains at no cost so members of the English Defence League can travel home hassle free with no long waits.

Those arriving by car, you are to park at the Vue Cinema car park, BB1 1DG its located at the back of the train station, from here you will be shuttled to the demo and back on the same transport of those arriving by train.

Anybody arriving by foot is to make their way to the public houses for no earlier than 10:00am and no later than 12:10pm.

The public houses assigned for the English Defence League are:
Zy Bar, 1 Market st lane, Blackburn, BB2 2DE
Bar Ibiza, 6 Mincing lane, Blackburn, BB2 2EB
The Sun, 2a Higher church st, Blackburn, BBZ 1JG
Arena sports bar, Higher church st, Blackburn, BB2 1JG

The public houses will open from the hours of 10:00am to 12:10pm, from there our stewards will be directing you all to Mincing Lane where we will start our march at 12:30pm.

At 12:45pm our static demonstration will start where you will be greeted by Tony Curtis who will be introducing speakers and music, this will end at 14:00pm where we will march back to our coaches after having a great day in Blackburn, we should be on our specific transport ready to leave by 14:30pm.

So clean you flags, iron your tops, and get ready for what could be our biggest demonstration yet!!

Let's hope the boys and girls are kept safe, especially as Bedfordshire police have issued the following 'osman' warning:

Bedfordshire Police has received anonymous information that a threat has been made against [Kevin and Tommy]. The nature of this threat is that he and his associates face being assaulted when they attend a planned English Defence League protest at Blackburn Lancashire on the 2nd of April 2011.

Due to your lifestyle and political beliefs Bedfordshire Police has identified you as being at very high risk of coming to serious harm and our concerns are such for your safety that we have suggested the following actions to reduce the risk of further violence:
  1. That you do not attend the planned EDL protest in Blackburn on the 2nd of April 2011.
  2. If you choose to attend the protest, that you do not inform anyone of your intention to travel or the method of travel that you intend to use.
  3. If you choose to attend this protest, that you inform Bedfordshire Police of your plans and allow them to inform their colleagues in Blackburn.
  4. That you call the Police immediately if you feel under threat from anyone, using the 999 system.
  5. I must warn you that if you fail to take advantage of this advice it may put you at increased risk of harm. You have a responsibility to act in a manner that does not compromise your own safety. If you need Police assistance [contact details redacted] and we will do all we can to support you and to make you feel safe.
Footnote: An Osman Warning is an official warning issued to an individual by the police advising them that they are at serious risk of being killed by someone who appears to have the capability to make good their threat.

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