Friday, 8 April 2011

Reports of abuse on white scoolgirls by asians supressed due to political correctness

According to news reports, more than 60 white schoolgirls in Blackpool were groomed for sex and abused by the asian staff at the fast food joint where Charlene Downs was murdered.

Here's what 21st Century British Nationalism has to say:

It is time for a new series of laws that restore the death penalty for convicted paedophiles and that also allows the courts to deport all naturalised citizens involved in paedophilia.

Charlenes Law would be twofold ;

1) It would allow the courts to impose the death penalty for those paedohiles convicted of repeat or multiple paedophile offences.

2) It would allow the courts to issue an immediate deportation notice to any naturalised citizen that commits any crime of paedophilia.

We need to start a civil rights campaign to make the name of Charlene Downes as well know to the public as Stephen Lawrence.

This campaign should involve all nationalist parties to collect the signatures to hand into Parliament.

We should all start going into the high streets of every town and city and start to wake up people to the threat of muslim rape gangs in Britain.

The police do nothing except hide the truth for fear of breaching the dictates of political correctness, and the case of Charlene was handled so incompetently by the police and the CPS that the scum who murdered her were acquited AND THEN GIVEN £250,000 BY THE COURTS AS COMPENSATION FOR BEING KEPT ON REMAND.

This is the state of our society today.

The victims are betrayed and the killers rewarded.

Now we must start the fightback.

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Extant said...

Well done Shady,

When no one else care's, I know your big your heart will always carry our flame, the flame of honor and always the right reasons.

Tim xx

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