Monday, 18 April 2011

English Local Manifesto Launched


The British National Party’s local council manifesto was launched in Stoke-on-Trent today. In line with manifestos for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it promises to put local people first, with an emphasis on commonsense policies and a call for greater local democracy.

The manifesto has been written with consideration to the effects of the years of mismanagement by LibLabCon governments that now see huge cuts implemented across our country.

While the ConDem coalition cut essential local services, the British National Party’s programme will instead end political correctness, bureaucracy and council waste, putting local services and local people first.

The manifesto is concise and to the point, comprising bullet-point promises in all major policy areas.

Some of the key policies included in the manifesto are listed below. The full manifesto can be read online HERE

Environment and Planning

- Halt Greenfield development

- Halt windfarm development

- Restrict new development to “brownfield” sites and sympathetic infill where possible

- Oppose immigration to relieve strain on housing

- Zero tolerance for “travellers” and their illegal anti-social activities

- Local housing for local people

Local Democracy

- Devolve power to the lowest practical local level

- Grant local people the right to call binding local referenda on local issues

Cut Council Waste

- End all council salaries over £100,000

- Cut councillors’ expenses and remuneration

- Abolish all targets and quotas for minority representation in council employment

- Abolish politically correct training, diversity brainwashing and indoctrination of the police, teachers, and employees in the public sector

- Abolish minority-specific bodies and similar organisations

- Abolish translation services for all non-indigenous languages

- End bogus “climate change” expenditure on salaries and advisors, which costs £20bn per annum


- Zero tolerance on crime. Punish the criminals, not the victims

- Increased police patrols and cut police red tape

- Evict troublemakers from estates

- Remove politically correct senior police officers

- No to votes for prisoners

- More jails. Prison labour to be used to build coastline defences

- Increased police presence in the community


- Moratorium on out-of-town retail developments, which disadvantage local businesses, pensioners, single mothers and the poor

- Phase out speed cameras excepting in urban areas where they are necessary to road safety

- Oppose cuts to local bus services

- Influence railway companies to avoid closing vital railway links


- Encourage new businesses with local business rates’ relief

- Crack down on the burglary epidemic afflicting small business premises


- Campaign against hospital and nursing home closures

- Healthy meals from locally sourced produce at local schools and hospitals

- Free parking at hospitals


- Reintroduce Christian assemblies

- Reintroduce Grammar schools

- Campaign to reverse increases to tuition fees and selective reintroduction of the student grant on merit

- End bogus overseas student studying scams

- Zero tolerance for paedophiles in the community

- No halal-slaughtered meat in schools

- Oppose cuts to libraries

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