Monday, 18 July 2011


The website of Amber Valley British National Party has been hacked by muslim fanatics.

This is just further evidence that the multi-cultural society in which we live has just given these people a platform in which to launch their islamification of Europe and then the rest of the world.

Muslims do not want to live side by side with Christians any more than we want them here. They are simply waiting for the time when they can take over. They have started their campaign by getting us to accept the little things. As British people we are only too willing to accept the small differences of other people, to allow them to speak their own language and dress the way they wish to, but for muslims this is not enough. They will only be happy when they have completely taken over.

Stores cannot even advertise a bikini on a billboard in Derby without these fanatics covering up the image with a ‘ninja’ outfit.

Islam is not a peaceful religion. Mohammed himself was a paedophile. Islam tells its followers to kill all Christians. They preach hate wherever they go. Women are second class citizens forced to cover their bodies and walk 3 paces behind their man. Animals are slaughtered in agony to produce ‘halal’ meat. Our children are falling prey to the Muslim grooming gangs as they do not see anything wrong with sexually abusing our children. We cannot rely upon the law to protect us as the police often turn a blind eye to all of this in the interests of ‘community relations’.

Recently a Muslim man complained to the police, that when he went into a restaurant with his wife, people called him a paedophile, pervert, child molester, and a cradle snatcher.

His wife was 21 years old and he was 58 years old and he did not understand the rude remarks!


Now stop and think about it?? Do the maths!

If you, like me, have had enough of all of this please stand up now whilst we still have a country left, before our freedom of speech disappears forever. Look around you and see what is happening in your community. Oppose even more mosques being built. Refuse to buy Halal products. Be actively involved with the Nationalist movement and most importantly join the British National Party.

by Assassinhero92

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