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The truth about British National Party debt

The British National Party is under attack as never before from people using gutter tactics to smear us and alarm our members. It’s time to give you, the members who have built this party from the bottom up, the answers you need to stand up to the knockers and liars. We can all hold our heads high when we know the truth.

Let’s start by answering the key questions raised by our members and refute the lies of the smear-mongers. Because truth is the best antidote to the lies of those who are trying to drag our party down and throw away everything that you and we have worked so hard to achieve.

As you will surely have already worked out for yourself, the personal attacks on members of staff are outrageous and untrue. As reported in British Nationalist, the police are investigating the recent propaganda and character attacks on the party, our dedicated staff and the leadership.

But knowing how worrying the question of money is for people in these times of cuts and job insecurity, we thought it important in this report to directly address some of the financial points directly. So let’s look together at the anti-BNP Big Lies – and at the Truth.


“The party operates 18–23 hidden bank accounts and slush funds”


We are operating from five bank accounts (We have other dormant accounts but it is prudent to keep said accounts open in case we have problems with our current bank as we did when Barcleys closed all our accounts due to political preassure. The five accounts are:

• British National Party: depositing BNP cheques and making payment

• British Heritage 1: Main account – depositing British Heritage cheques in and general bills out

• British Heritage 2: Standing Orders in and general bills out

• Freedom Promotions: A merchant account for online and credit card payments in and pays for publications

• Trafalgar Club: Handles all TC income and pays general bills


“The party is burdened by huge legal debts”


The lists of alleged ‘legal debts’ circulating on the Internet and in illegal smear mailshots are every bit as inaccurate and distorted as the other ‘debt’ black propaganda we’ve demolished above. There are legal cases resulting from several things the leadership had to do to protect the party and its members from various threats over some years, but the reality is nothing like the picture painted by the smear-mongers.

For legal reasons we are not able to comment on them at all. So we will tell you all about those cases as and when they finish. course, but for now we can say nothing except to ask you to reflect on the fact that the people attacking us with lies on one front are surely likely to be lying on others as well? Thank you for your understanding and your faith.

If has been claimed by an annonymous source in an anti-British National Party smear leaflet that the Party owes an absurd amount of money. Here’s an overview – in reality:


Ad Lorries £160,000

In reality: Company owned by Jim Dowson. No invoices or court action or even requests for payment have been received from Ad Lorries. Fictitious figure.

HMRC – £26,000

In reality: PAID

Royal Mail – £57,000

In reality: Billed to a company called Solasni, owned by Jim Dowson. NOT billed to the British National Party. Solasni currently being investigated by the Financial Scutiny Commitee.

Clear Sound Alarms – £22,000

In reality: We have an account with the company, are on very good terms with them, and the account is currently runnning at £15,000 with a longterm payment and agreement with them.


Romac Press – £44,000

In reality: Close associate of Jim Dowson. The Party has large counter-claim against Romac Press for late arriving leaflets and non-delivery of items. Romac Press have repeatedly refused to submit shipping and invoice lists. Manager of Romac Press is in court next month for attempted ‘blackmail’ and ‘demanding money with menaces.’

Spire Graphics – £26,000

In reality: Repayment arrangement in place. Current bill £9,000

Newton Press – £12,000

In reality: Treasury has this bill owning £8,000. None can be paid because of court case involving Richard Barnbrook in which Newton Press claim the bill to be £16,600. Bill to be settled once actual figure is agreed.

Clear Channel – £8,000

In reality: Actual bill £12,500 – PAID

The Print Works – £7,000

In reality: The Party have an agreed payment schedule in place with current balance at £2,800.


In reality: The lists of alleged ‘legal debts’ circulating on the Internet and in illegal smear mailshots are every bit as inaccurate and distorted as the other ‘debt’ black propaganda we’ve demolished above.



This report was presented to the National Executive on the 25th June 2011.

So there you have it. Now you know the truth.

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