Friday, 1 July 2011

Brons to reinstate Butler?

There is a big hoo-har at the moment because the BNP has asked Andrew Brons to take down the BNP logo from his website.

And rightly so.

Firstly, Brons still has Eddie Butler working for him. Butler was expelled from the party but Brons uses the excuse that he can’t legally sack him.


Many companies are sacking their staff for writing silly things on facebook, what Butler has done, and is still doing, is far, far worse. How can he be employed and paid by a party for which he has so much contempt and is determined to crush?

Secondly, at the meeting Brons attended in Ashfield the other night, Brons implied that were he to win the upcoming election he would reinstate Eddie Butler.

Eddie Butler is doing a very good job of trying to break the BNP. Because of Butler, Andrew Brons has now lost all credibility in many people’s eyes.

Come on Nick, put your foot down. Bring on the election and let’s get rid of all the deadwood, infiltrators and idiots!

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