Monday, 25 July 2011

Anders Breivik

As we watched the horror of Friday’s events in Oslo, my friend turned to me and said ‘Muslims again!’ Under normal circumstances I would have agreed, but this was different.
This time around not only was a car bomb detonated in the area of a Labour government building and an immigration centre, but a short while later, and only 50 miles away, around 80 young Labourites at a political youth camp on Utoya Island were murdered.
I told my friend that it wouldn’t surprise me if someone from the right had committed the atrocity, and I was correct.
Anders Behring Breivik created a Youtube video before he went on his rampage which details exactly what is happening to our countries and the way forward. His video is no different to those that many people make and put on the internet. The only difference is that Breivik actually did something about it.
I don’t think he has lost his marbles. I think he loves his people, his country, its customs etc., and I think he was sick and tired of the way the loony left have taken control and crippled our countries. The Marxists have allowed our countries become multicultural hellholes and they have indoctrinated our children with their bullshit, so I think he decided that he would take out the next generation of Labour politicians. I may be wrong; I don’t know him.
Today saw Breivik’s first court appearance, a case Breivik wants to become public. The prosecution for the case want it to be held in secret. Why? Because they don’t want Breivik’s message getting out to the rest of the world? You only have to look online to find thousands of videos with the same message. And how convenient that the press are now linking this man with the BNP and EDL. Fred West was a Labour Party man but I don't see them posting that link.
I don’t know what your opinions are but I’m sure you will tell me.
Breivik’s manifesto is downloadable and his youtube video, which was taken down, can now be seen HERE

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