Saturday, 11 December 2010

British National Party Promises “Increased Militancy in Future”

I awoke this morning feeling very ill so I thought I'd quickly log on and get my internet duties over and done with as quickly as possible so I can go back to bed. Boy, am I glad I did, because look at this beauty...

The British National Party will become more militant in physically defending British troops against Islamic militant abuse and against mosque-building programs, party leader Nick Griffin has announced.

Speaking to a 120-strong audience attending a black tie dinner to launch the party’s 2010 conference in the East Midlands, Mr Griffin said that in future, the party would start acting as well as talking about protecting Britain.

“We are going to start attending homecoming parades of British troops, and when the Islamic militants abuse our troops and threaten them, we are going to physically stand in their way,” Mr Griffin said to thunderous applause from the crowd.

He also said that the party would increasingly start demonstrations against mosque-building programmes in Britain, using the recent demonstration organised by the party’s branch in Milton Keynes as an example.

“The British people have already shown that they are willing to start supporting the British National Party in increasing numbers,” Mr Griffin said.

“When we hand in the ‘bring our boys home’ petition next year, with ex-servicemen and widows in attendance, there will be around 100,000 signatures on those forms,” he said.

“It will be one of the largest anti-war petitions ever handed in, and the fact that so many people are prepared to put their names to a petition organised by the most demonised political party in British history, shows the latent support we have.

“For those who think the British National Party is going away, we have a surprise. We are here and we are here to stay,” he said to a standing ovation.

Time and time again we have stood by while the likes of Anjem Choudary's mob disrespect our country, her values and her heroes. I for one think this has been a long time coming. There is only so much you can do politically.

Now let's stand shoulder to shoulder and show them WE MEAN BUSINESS!

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