Monday, 6 December 2010

BNP Stall in Liverpool Attacked by Labour-Aligned Thugs but BNP Activists Arrested

British National Party supporters have been asked to urgently phone the Liverpool police station and complain about the KGB-style tactics employed by police over the weekend in arresting three party activists (including a middle-aged lady) after seven Labour-aligned thugs violently attacked a party stall.

“The numbers to call are 0151 777 4852, which is the St Anne’s Street police station where the lady, Hazel, is being held, and 0151 709 6010, which is the main Liverpool police station number,” said Mike Whitby, Liverpool organiser.

Mr Whitby said the astonishing turn of events, which “made one realise we are living under a KGB-style regime,” started on Saturday morning when he and three other BNP activists manned a stall in the city collecting signatures for the ‘bring our boys home’ campaign.

“I left briefly to go and book a meeting venue, leaving the two men, Peter and Andrew Tierney, and Hazel to continue collecting signatures,” Mr Whitby said.

“While I was gone, a crowd of Labour/UAF-aligned thugs approached the table and began jostling and threatening the activists,” he continued.

“The police, who were standing nearby, were asked to intervene, but refused to do anything. Then the thugs violently attacked the table, smashing it and assaulting Peter, who was thrown to the ground and beaten.

“Hazel, who is a petite woman, attempted to ward off the attack with her shopping bag, but the thugs completely destroyed the table,” Mr Whitby said.

“Faced with the overt violence, the police were forced to act, and chased the thugs, arresting six of them. They were calling us all sorts of names, mostly the usual meaningless epithets, and in response I called them ‘communist paedophiles.’

“To my astonishment, the police then also arrested me for using those words, and I was detained for ten hours at the police station.

“Eventually they released me without even taking my name or charging me with anything, and I went home,” Mr Whitby said.

“To our astonishment, the police then arrested Peter, Andrew and Hazel this morning (Monday) and have now detained them at different police stations around Liverpool,” he continued.

“Hazel is the sole carer for her severely disabled partner, and it is an outrage that she and the other two men have been arrested after they were attacked.

“We need as many people as possible to call the police straightaway and complain about this gross miscarriage of justice. The police are acting way beyond any normal call of duty and have clearly taken on a political role, akin to the KGB,” Mr Whitby said.

Further updates will follow as they become available.


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